CCP Are no longer just a game company

CCP are no longer just a game company. They just took over your city’s local city council and are in charge of all public services, real estate, highways and taxes!

What vitally important or popular service will they remove and replace with completely untouched or unwanted alternatives?!

I’ll start! In my city: CCP knocked down two of the major highways and replaced them with…nothing!!! haha!

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lmao cry more

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Wait… you can run incursions… but you can’t do them in null sec? Or are you complaining because the nullsec payout is the same as the highsec payout? I don’t run incursions, so I am confused. Weren’t you guys complaining on another thread because you wanted three incursions at once, not just one?

It looks like there are three simultaneous incursions, just like you wanted.

It’s actually more in null.
Per site is the same but fleet is 50% larger making for faster completions even without the super bling.

It’s more per person per site and you can take a bigger fleet in null.

Oh. You are right. for some reason I thought it was the same. Haven’t run them since about when they increased fleet size so rusty.

You guys really ought to give them a try out in null - it will make them exciting again.

And now for words I rarely get to use:

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Why? The tens of thousands of toons in null sec don’t…

Because they like doing incursions. And that is where the incursions are.

I think you mis-read my post.

This change is fine, though. Triglavian content is best content.


Hooray ! You’ve actually found a bit of the game that is worth playing !

Why are there so many miserable sods on Eve forums ?

Too many of us want entertainment I guess.

Todays update.

@Galaxy_Raid Ok and? You could get no highsec incursions when there were 3 possible ones. It just means someone closed the one in the last 48 hours.

My point is the Null sec ones don’t get used but there’s plenty of them. The high sec ones are used a lot but CCP have removed 2/3 of them. Removing content, why?

Like a mother duck trying to nudge her ducklings toward the water.

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deal with it.