CCP Art Team - Infested Station Ruins is gruesome

In order to complete the daily skill point task, I decided to run the Level 4 Rogue Drone Anomaly site - Drone Gathering.

According to available information, there’s two different versions for that site and I dropped in on the ‘Old Station’ version.

On warp in:

You have located the ruins of an old station. The structure, once-magnificent, is now only a barren, airless derelict, its halls home to nothing but mechanical malevolence.

So after destroying all of the NPC’s I decided to take a look at the station.

In-game description of ‘Infested Station Ruins’

To speed up the construction process of rogue drone structures, certain strains of drones have been known to salvage the ruins of their defeated enemies, using them either as a base or to slowly dissolve them into their desired final shape. This particular object seems to be a Gallente station and two Megathron battleships, partially broken down into a construction lattice around an asteroid.

Obviously after reading that, I had to do a close up visual of the station.

Just like I said in the thread title, it’s gruesome. I gotta say watching it bob up and down waving it’s tentacles all around kinda grossed me out a bit, so I did what all Capsuleers should do when they happen to see this monstrosity… make it die in a fiery explosion.

Now don’t get me wrong, it was definitely cool to see something different in-game, even if it is kinda gross :wink:

Anyway, for those who are wondering about the site itself, I encountered Frigates, Destroyers and Cruisers. The site does have a chance to spawn a Sentient Commander Cruiser but RNG said no this time.

For me the initial group and 4 spawn waves consisted of 18 NPC’s total.

2x Frigate
9x Destroyer
7x Cruiser


Initial Group
1x Frigate
1x Destroyer

Wave 1
1x Frigate
1x Cruiser

Wave 2
2x Destroyer
1x Cruiser

Wave 3
3x Destroyer
2x Cruiser

Wave 4
3x Destroyer
3x Cruiser


:red_circle: What you see there is a Nepenthes plant. A fly trap that feasts on unsuspecting capsuleers.

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I’ve seen those. I always imagine lots of groaning and creaking sounds.

It’s pretty great, :slight_smile:

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I need to go look at that.

In a cloaked ship :slight_smile:

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Always enjoy that site.
The Rogue Drone Domi’s bow is also ultra creepy at max magnifiction:
Looks like a mechanical crab’s mouth shoveling in bits of food (like people!)

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i like the rogue drones
i mean , ■■■■ this rattlesnake biach
fight the power bro
gangster as ■■■■


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