CCP - Create NPCs that act like humans with high bounties on their heads!

So we can track them around the universe to kill them.

They would be found in:

  • Asteroid belts
  • Planets
  • In Cosmic Signatures
  • In Cosmic Anomalies

They are fit for PVP and are pretty much like Cosmic Agents

With a weekly theme that would change every week

  • Frigates theme
  • Cruisers theme
  • Battlecruisers theme
  • Battleships theme
  • etc up to capitals theme

Every week different theme and ? (different mechanics that would possibly (AI?) slightly but not fully adapt to players hunting them)

They would be everywhere highsec/lowsec/nullsec, with higher bounties in lower security systems.

They wouldnt respawn in the same system ever neither at same location
They wouldnt be rare but not too many either at any time
They would spaw in random systems and random locations, and one dies another respawns somewhere else.
If nullsec bounty is killed another nullsec respawns, they wouldnt change location from null to low, but they would/could change security within high low and null.
The lower the security the harder they would be and better drops chance.

Their drops would be of faction, deadspace and officer modules only.

Sorted by RNG with the following chance:

  • 85% chance to drop a faction module
  • 12.5% chance to drop a deadspace module
  • 2.5% chance to drop officer module

This is not just an awesome mechanic that would make bounties feel more real and bounty hunters could be a way to farm and play… but also this could be a way CCP could introduce more of all of those modules no one ever has/uses, that exist within the game because they are so rare/nonexistent.


In other words Officers and Clone Soldiers.


If CCP did that …
… all the wannabe bounty hunters would cry …
… because they can’t beat them.

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Burners are there, NPC standing fleet (diamond rats) are there. If they start drop good loot, that good loot lose the value and will not be good any more

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Already exists

  1. Burner NPCs
  2. Diamond rats

Edit: Krabbers and carebears also complain about FOB rats too, so maybe those.

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Or like, hunt actual players? Just throwing that out there.


Definitely if you want PVP, but I believe it is about PVE, but I’ve been told by others before that a big turn off to PVP is the pod killing, some just take it beyond the win and spike that ball.

I’m not even pretending to be a pvp’er. I’ve tried it, and wasn’t particularly into it. But I wouldn’t cheerlead for a mechanic to imitate actual pvp play.

Because players won’t deliberately wander into his multi-boxed gila gang.

It’s not about content. It’s about fat payout disguised as content.

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Great now even the NPCs will talk about screwing my mom in local

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