CCP did it again!

Well, maybe you should not have stopped. You enjoy a bug ridden piece of software and your enjoyment gives CCP reason to not change or improve it.

This char doesn’t need to be taken seriously by someone who enjoys this madness. I have other characters who are being taken seriously. :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone is taking you seriously

What I said was, no one that matters is taking you seriously.


It’s like running a marathon. The act of running gets really bad after a while, but crossing the finish line is great. You can always opt out of the TiDi gameplay. But depending on your personal goals, you may still be impacted by the actions of those who are willing to go the distance.

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3000 people vs a few people “inconvenienced” by people playing the game… You’re actually the odd “numpty” out.
I’m not a huge fan of TiDi. But I’m more a fan of server stability, which before TiDi these big fights would have whole clusters of systems drop off.
Also, the game isn’t run on “one server”. It’s run on a huge cluster of servers all tied together. That is why TiDi in Jita doesn’t affect Amarr, for instance.
Hell I didn’t even know there was a fight till I read news feed. While some wine about how buggy the game can be, I’ve been around long enough to remember how bad it used to be. They’ve improved the hard- and soft-ware considerably.

Also the fact that you keep posting about the buggy software… Means it’s bearable, and enjoyable enough for you to still be here whining.

You asked a question, and imposed an answer and arrived at your conclusion based on your supposed answer.

Does anyone enjoy TiDi? No, probably not.

Does anyone enjoy the massive fights that cause TiDi? Hell yes. I said before, and I’ll say again - I basically play Eve for these massive fights. It’d be WAY more fun without lag, but I have realistic expectations for thousands of players in the same fight.

If my alliance pinged another max dude CTA (which ironically… they did…) I would continue to make every effort to be there. Not because of obligation, but because of interest.

All you had to say is that you enjoy the massive TiDi and repeat disonnects. I personally don’t get how sitting in front of your screen for 10+ hours watching things update at a snail’s pace and occasionally clicking F1 provides any form of entertainment. I’m not even sure being able to say “I was there” matters, either.

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Start playing something else = no TiDi. :ok_hand:

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dont think the other side had less than that ready to jump in if only we could jump in …

The “one server” thing is basically what happens when they enter a field. In this case 6RCQ-V (I hope) was one server. Anything supporting over 2000 players on a single server like that is very impressive.

ETA to an upgrade where even one place is supported by multiple servers? “Soon.”

Probably true - not really a matter of which side will win (I mean… I’d like it to be my side, but ultimately, I have fun with big fights).

Except that’s not what I said, is it. In fact I said quite the opposite. I don’t enjoy TiDi. I see it as a necessary evil to enable the kind of fight that I’d happily give 10+ hours to participate in.

I’d much rather that TiDi not be there, and that things be responsive, but if given the choice between big fights with tidi or no big fights, I choose big fights with tidi. I’m not choosing tidi, I’m choosing the big fight. I’m accepting that TiDi is there.

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Because before TiDi you didn’t play. Server ■■■■ the bed, died, and you played other ■■■■ until all the people fighting gave up or something.
Rather watch a slideshow, or just not play? Actually TBH, you still can do the latter. If you don’t like TiDi, log out and quit bitching :smiley:

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agree only the time is passed that i would give it 10 hours 3 - 4 max these days xD

Before you ‘lose things you spent months working for’ would you mind contracting some of it to me. I have friends in high places that can get your stuff for me to where i want it. TIA.

P.S. Its better than losing it. At least you know where its going.

Nobody is saying they enjoy this. What they enjoy is what it comes with. I enjoy flying, but I don’t enjoy pre-flight checks. Gotta take the good with the bad.

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Fwiw the highest I saw local at during the fight as 3796 when the timer on the star was paused at 10 minutes 53 seconds. And stuff was still playable if slow.


amen to that

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