CCP Directed Role Play Live Events - manual of conduct

First of all I wanted to say I had much fun participating (at least clumsily trying to :slight_smile: ) in Chemal Tech convoy event on 19th March 14:00 NEST. Thank you CCP, I hope you had fun too :slight_smile:

Secondly I would like to ask for an advice how to best prepare oneself for this specific kind of event with CCP NPC Actors performing live alongside players.

Are there any non-formal/formal rules of interacting with the actors, line of communication and coordination with them, maybe official tutorial?

I had some vague pre-made expectations based on the archetypical idea of protecting/attacking a convoy extrapolated into space environment of New Eden, of how this event will unfold so I was not completely overwhelmed by it or confused.

But I can’t honestly admit I was in a full control of my decisions and quickly got disoriented after whole thing started.

So please enlighten me how to prepare to fully enjoy live events :slight_smile:


One really never can fully prepare.
Were you alone or with a group?

If alone: Most important thing is probably to find like-minded people to play with, group up and then head over where the content is. One can only do so little alone if anything. To even stay on grid alive solo without being cloaked up far away is near impossile.

If grouped: It’s pretty simple’ish. If you know where and when, haul ships over or near the location where said content is happening for fast re-shipping/choosing the right ship for said content after inspecting the situation and making the decision on what is needed. If it isn’t known beforehand that is. Or just fleet up and get over there to see what happens.

Also it’s a good idea to install some back up clones nearby for possible capsule kill. Or change home station for the time being.

Tutorials or communications are, for my knowledge, useless because the organized or bigger groups taking part can and will participate as they see fit.
(This is also how and where any communications or intel sharing is happening. Different Discord servers, groups sending mails, alliances chatting with eachothers… A whole lot of stuff happening ‘behind the scenes’ in private or group chats out from the eyes of public chats)

Usually… Or well everytime this means a lot of shooting.
No matter the system security or ‘rules’ set. There are non.

Events are fun!
Good luck! Nice to hear you enjoyed and are hyped about it. #SaveMike

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Just gank them.

There were three of us, we docked in advance and we formed a clumsy fleet few minutes before 14:00 NEST. Watching The Scope coverage holoreel afterwards, I’ve noticed ccp npc actors posting in local chat which I’ve totally overlooked when waiting for the start and afterward.

And this is probably why we lost the convoy in Villore and went on by the shortest route toward Intaki Bank station and not after the convoy. If we knew to watch local instead ignoring it as usual we would probably knew what is going on and where the convoy is heading gate by gate and got honorably ganked (we were ready for it, no doubts) instead being lost and clueless. It was all finished when we catched up with the Chemal Tech ships wrecks.

But I wanted more drama :slight_smile:

Want drama? That happens when players are creating the content for Eve-Online.
Our movement is always looking for new supporters to spread the word.
Feel free to read our full story from here.

Let me tell you! It’s full of plot twitsts and tears!
We’ve actually just now succesfully saved one member from a cult that exploits capsuleers.

So, CCP actors will generally post in local and that will, for most people, be likely to be your primary interaction with them. Historically, publicly advertised in-character CCP led events have been rare for … most all of the time I’ve been playing Eve. They were more common before that, then there was a long absence, there have periodically been some brief revivals, plus some stuff around certain special events. So because they have tended to be rare, there isn’t really a specific guideline to my mind.

Mostly what I would say is that for such events, respect that some people wish to have some degree of immersion in Eve and in the character they are playing, and live events from CCP in this style are one means to enable that, so if that’s something you find fun, this is an excellent, if rare, avenue to that, and try not to disrupt the immersion of others by mixing IC and OOC stuff by making references to both the in-world events and ‘real-life’ stuff at the same time.

I think that’s mostly what I’d say, respect others trying to enjoy it, and take it as an opportunity to feel more fully immersed in the world of Eve.

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What I have learned about CCP events and interaction: just go with the flow, never expect anything. The less you expect, the less you’re pissed off because something other than you expected went down. These days it is rare, but not unheard of, for CCP actors to respond outside of local chat. Try to act plausibly from where your character comes from (be it pirate or patriot or something else completely) to whatever happens, react to the NPCs and to other players alike, and enjoy the ride. Do not rely on solely CCP for your RP or your pewpew in the situation, and do not imagine they owe you either.

And if it is a public thing, always be prepared for everyone and their cousin being there.

Also while I am talking, kudos to FRT, your AAR must’ve been the best RP poast in years, and the whole thing peak capsuleer.


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