New player advice stream tomorrow, Tuesday!

Hello, new space friends.

Tomorrow, June 27, myself and CCP Mimic are going to do a new player advice stream on the CCP Twitch channel, (please follow).

We asked the community for advice and we’re gonna go into space and see what it’s all about. Please join us and let us know if there’s anything YOU want to know!



Are people allowed to mess with you guys in space? maybe not outright ganking, but shenanigans. you could then declare the annoyance a suspect by devhax and have new players destroy him. i’d be up for that! (as in, exploding in a great ball of fire for people to enjoy their achievement)

just an idea. not scared of asking for permission. :slight_smile: (scared of consequences if i don’t)

rule one : never blink !

rule two : never blink !!

A few question from standard rookie chat may be shown.
-How to split a stack
-How to load your weapons
-Why weapons dont hit with low skills (too close, too fast)
-How to use the market and how and where to sell something
-Explanation to implants/boosters and skillpoint count (primary/secondary)
-Introduction to different npc corps (LP shops, NPC Mining, Drifters)
-something about safety settings and securtity Status
-Fleet Setups for friends /broadcast window/watchlist
-differences between ab and mwd types with showing how to compare items and what meta is
-how to link in chats name/fittings/killmails

One thing I hope you don’t miss is emphasizing the importance of joining a corp with other people. No amount of advice you guys give later, no matter how good, will be able to answer all the questions a new player will have the same way corpmates do. And they shouldn’t be afraid to join a different one if the first doesn’t work out :slight_smile:

o7 and look forward to catching it!

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im supporting this opinion the long time motivation comes with friends

Be sure to cover the the 8 golden rules, the Saviour of Highsec James 315, and the importance of the New Order Mining Permit. This stuff is still missing from the NPE. Also the NPE should not be teaching new players to use autopilot as a standard means of travel. Nice new forum interface btw.


This will be fun!

Watch the stream, and tell us what new players need to know: What are the three most important things for new players?

No one owns space. Thus no one needs a permit from bully scammers.

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Nonsense. All that is required to hold territory is a claim, a Law, and a means of enforcing that Law. There is plenty of space in New Eden that is considered to be “owned” by various parties, even without sovereignty mechanics: lowsec, NPC nullsec, and wormholes. Highsec is no different, and it has benefited much from the strong guiding hand of the Saviour James 315.

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But you have no ability to kick anyone out (unless they’re flying a retriever) :stuck_out_tongue: