CCP Games Teases Two New EVE Related Projects

That was their plan. They released details early about nova and they couldnt keep up what they were promising. Thats why london is working on it and remaining silent on it, so as to not give and not deliver what they say will happen.

hyped… dust514 but red alert?

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See, after you give it to CCP, it stops being your money.


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Here is why Dust was on PS3 and not Xbox.

Will PS3 exclusive Dust 514 head to Xbox? |

“Let’s just say that with Sony at least they have policies that allow us to build the game the way we want,” CCP CTO Halldor Fannar said during an E3 presentation attended by Eurogamer.

“That is one of the reasons why we’ve gone with PSN.”

The Xbox live environment wouldn’t allow for the connected universe that CCP wanted.

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And that’s why walled gardens cripple innovation and screw the customer in cost.



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Homo Unsapiens never learns. Or hardly ever learns, and forgets quickly.

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Pretty much.

Its atleast the 4th, they have cancelled numerous PC ports at this point

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I want an Amarr Temple Simulator to find those many lost souls and bring them back to the Light through the teachings of the Scriptures.

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To be honest, if CCP really wants to get an edge in the FPS, CCP needs to set down with an Airsoft developer and create armor packs and Airsoft pistols and rifles based on the same type of armor and guns that are used in CCP’s FPS. Airsoft has become notorious for being involved with plastic BB rifles and pistols that are used in Airsoft BB gun matches.

Kids and adults alike, want to experience the carnage of the FPS games they play without actually having to join a real military. Airsoft brings that unique environment to the FPS gamers.

Below is a map of Airsoft fields across the U.S.

Here is a video of Airsoft gamers playing.

Airsoft gamers are always looking for new protective armor and weapons to accessorize their game play with.

Airsoft would be a good market for CCP’s FPS version to get into.

Game play of actual non-military Airsoft gamers.

Dust 514 was PS3 exclusive.

Project Legion was to port Dust 514 to PC

Project Nova replaced Project Legion as they were now making a new shooter in the EVE universe not a port of 514. When they showcased it, it was given pretty good game play reviews from some but was largely panned for its context in fighting on the surface of ships.

After pulling back from releasing the Alpha, they eventually panned the idea that Nova was in favor of potentially adding “more MMO elements”. It is worth noting that this happened around the time of Destiny 2s success.

This also was at the time that CCP made a shift overall as a company and how they communicated things. One of the things they learned was if you let the public know about your projects too early then they feel promised something that may not be realized. Game development is costly, but in part because most projects don’t pan out. Maybe some of the work can be moved forward, but entire lines of thinking and core gameplay objectives can burn on the cutting room floor.

Overwatch was once going to be Project Titan - a new MMO.

So CCP has shifted over to no longer telling us officially until it is actually able to be announced, no more internal project names. However this has lead many to believe they are not developing anything, or some may believe they have made anew one every time it gets brought up in some gaming news journal because of an interview or whatever.

At Fanfest they confirmed they were working on it, but that they couldn’t say much more otherwise. They have said this before. I suspect this is largely because CCP is partnering with another development company and thus may have agreements or at least polite obligations.

The 4x Mobile game I am pretty sure we have heard of, but very very thinly. I think this may have been the first images that looks like a game but I don’t remember exactly.

I hope this helps :smiley:



I can see where they got the character twitching from (see start of video), it’s like the character sheet animation. Eve Online is a testbed for technology for other projects.

It goes both ways. Some of the assets and much of the art we have gotten recently were either built for Nova or whatever they are building now.

Sounds like a waste of resources if we’re being honest.

If I remember it was some third party developer in China who is developing it like EVE echos. Now CCP is apparently developing the FPS.

EVE in 4x really just gets me thinking wonder if CCP might expand into that genre

CCP London is doing the FPS. Whereas CCP Iceland is EVE Online

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