CCP hates miners = confirmed

Wait wait… you’re a highsec ganker and think you’re a net positive to the game? xD You don’t “PvP”, you literally just find targets that can’t fight back or are at a severe disadvantage haha


If you undock your ship you clearly want to PvP.

Yes and yes

I really don’t care if you think it isn’t PvP. I dunk miners because it is fun. If they chose to fly a defenseless ship that is their fault.

Considering CCP actively took steps against highsec wardeccers and gankers over the years with CONCORD and most recently wardec changes, you’re a little off mate :wink: But heyho, can’t be blamed for that, you’re a highsec ganker… haha

N’awww, no one really cares about you either mate so enjoy your epeen stroking in highsec and keep your opinions to yourself haha

Well yes, I have no doubt you will do, for two reasons:

  1. No matter how hard you cry we know you are the kind who will never leave EvE, so you will be here when it happen.

  2. No matter what is the true reason as to why the server close at some point, you are stubborn enough to still believe that it is YOUR reason and not any other one that cause this.

what? ahahahahaaha , this my friends is how stupidity is shown. You sir are the most idiotic person on earth today, how can you come with such nonsense lol?

This is just what the game is.

You are the one being stupid if you refuse it.


Dude you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about, if people would want to pvp all the time then imagine what would be in Jita, but oh wait “not even in high sec” , please use your brain and a lil bit of common sense and try to understand the point of view of people instead of showing me a “golden rule” .

Can you both please calm down. You are embarrassing yourself.


It’s called a “golden rule” because it is 1000 times more relevant than the “point” you are trying to make and nobody gives a flying ■■■■ about.


Name an activity in Eve that isn’t PvP related, the commonest definition of PvP being that of an interactive conflict between 2 or more participants.

As per the new player FAQ, an official CCP document.

Furthermore, as we mentioned previously, once you enter New Eden you must consider every action you take as a form of PvP since this is the core game concept. In the asteroid field you’re competing with other pilots to obtain resources; you may also have to defend against ore thieves. On the market you battle for control of the economy in certain areas; for the supply and demand of your products versus other aspiring tycoons. On the battlefield you may fight for glory, for money, or for the right to rule whole areas of space.


I’m perfectly calm mate, your hysterics and temper tantrums that people like things other than shooting easy targets is actually providing my lunchtime entertainment :joy:

Another one that has perception problems but let me give you a feedback of what i’ve learned this month : PVE and mining. Want me to elaborate PVE ?

I think you should apply your own advise to yourself, you look a little bit too much triggered my friend.

I started the game ~60 days ago, and I only started getting into PvP one week ago.

Let’s be kind, and say I was able to play during 50 days without ever loosing a single ship.

What you want is already perfectly possible, and if you happen to be targeted once or twice, it is just part of the game and it will never actually stop you from having a stable income.

Stop crying and raging for nothing, you are absolutely pathetic right now.

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Collecting resources may well be PvE, getting away with it is PvP.

I’m a miner and industrialist, I don’t shoot people in the face, I stab them in the wallet, which is PvP.

But do feel free to educate me on the differences between PvE and PvP.

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Why do you even care what I shoot. I don’t try to win the ebushido award or something. I just dunk miners because it is hilarious. Clam down man

Aahahaha dude wtf are you talking about ? i mine in 2 ships and trying to do lvl 2 or 3 combat sites to train myself , that is PVE , understand ? ok let’s be kind , i’m sorry for calling you names, first off i lost an orca (made ticket on 5th) because the ddos problem , i made my ticket on 1st feb wich was another problem loosing 100 mil isk because uhm “rollback” ? So yeah today i lost almost a bil isk for what? it is frustrating and i like the game aswell but i don’t wanna give hours a day for what? for someone elses “fun” ? how do you call that normal for people that don’t want to pvp YET?

As I said, I am calm, and I have no qualms with what you shoot at all, neither did I ever say it was an issue I personally feel strongly about, calm down mate :wink:

What I did find amusing is the fact you think what you do is somehow more important to the game than what anyone else does, such as bashing on miners because they like to mine. I’m just trying to remind you, no one and no role is more or less important.

You do you, go on thinking you’re better than the people that mine so I can laugh at you some more :joy:

Calm down mate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For a game you pretend to know so much about and (while claiming to be new, doesn’t sound like that makes sense) which per your words isn’t pvp focussed, you sure do lose a bunch of clown fit ships to other players.

Everything you say proves you DON’T know what you’re talking about.


You were telling me that you wanted to “have a stable incomes” before getting involved in PvP.

Yet, you are already flying ships that cost several hundreds millions ISK.

So you already have stable incomes.

You can engage in PvP with ships that cost less than 10 millions, so if you can afford to pilot an Orca you are way past that point already.

So really what are you complaining about?

As for what you lost because of the DDoS, well that’s definitelly annoying but that is not the gankers fault…

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If i have to educate you what pve means then you must prolly have perception issues as i said :). PvP means player versus player wich in multiple cases it’s unwanted :slight_smile: like those gankers who think is fun to destroy someone who spent days and days on mining for an income. Yeah that’s fun you say lol.