CCP, I know what you are doing. It's going to backfire

Im sure they have the information on hand to make an educated guess, unlike all of us armchair Development Leads, wouldn’t you think?

What is wrong with changes to market forces? Stagnation is worse than anything short of a market crash.

That’s a pretty weak way of leaving what was to me a perfectly polite and straightforward exchange of views. It basically means you simply refuse to see any virtue in a point of view other than your own. I respect your input, I, as a New Industrialist, simply hold the panic mongering to be utterly purposeless.

that is very funny

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How long has your own online game been running? The game’s actually been doing great before CCP decided to throw away all the old players, trying to reach a more mainstream audience. You have no ■■■■■■■ clue about the history of this game and why or how it actually works, yet you believe you know what you’re talking about. You don’t.

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Your ability to sh#@$ post on each and every thread on this forum is legendary. The fact that your toxic attitude is allowed to show up on each and every thread is just telling of how little anyone cares for the discourse of conversation on this forum.

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What did you expect?

We have:
farmer trash
botter trash
pvp trash
ganker trash
hs trash
ls trash
ns trash
alpha trash
omega trash
multiboxer trash
hyper scam trash

forum trash fits well with this :smiley:


Well it’s not that they dont have such history.

I like it.
I understand the request to have it able to be turned off as generally only new and returning players require this feature. Thank you for your concern of new players…

Your post tells us otherwise.

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No, it ■■■■■■■ doesn’t.

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Absolutely true. CCP has been on this program for a couple years now. Replace each player that has a friend active in the game with one that plays completely solo. Payment processing, ticket handling, and community management costs steadily decrease, and eventually cost almost nothing. This plan cannot fail!

Again, absolutely correct. CCP simply would not implement changes that a large portion of the player base is unhappy with. The facts clearly support this:

EVE Player Pop 2014-Feb2020

And of that which really gets under my skin, is how they are doing it by wrecking solo play via dumbing it down.

All they need to say, is that “it’s for new players” and it’s like they manage to flip a switch in the brains of people like yourself, turning any and all critical thinking off. Congratulations, you’re easy to manipulate.

“Think of the children” is being overused for a reason. The reason is that there’s easily manipulatable morons who stop thinking about it. They will defend anything that’s labelled as “for the children” and they will eat even the dumbest reasoning behind it, because they just stop thinking. Just like yourself.

Use your brain. It’s nonsense. New players don’t need this. Only absolute idiots need this, which has nothing to do with new players. New players didn’t need this crap for 16 years and this has nothing to do with survivor bias. Again: Use your brain. You have one in that skull of yours, I’m sure of it. Usually you’re not that dense.

What’s even worse is how you’re using the “think of the children” propaganda to make him look like he’s not thinking of the children. That’s not what smart people do. It’s like attempting to make yourself look good for “caring about children” and attempting to make him look bad for implying that he doesn’t.

That alone already deserves a massive “■■■■ off”, but I don’t want to go that far, because you can do better! No one with a functioning brain benefits from this. The huge amount of people hating it is evidence enough. You’re not that stupid, so please stop acting like you are and start thinking things through again before you defend them.


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ok yet-another-internet tough guy



Even on my first day trying to play this game I was not such a fkn moron I needed to be told I had just picked something up. Maybe if you had finished school you too would be able to know the things you only just did.

Kind of ironic seeing as how you can not even consider any opinion that differs even slightly from your own.

Also… “dumpass”. Lul.

We all know nobody - NOBODY - is going to “sweettalk” you or anything you say. As for the punch… idk… come at me brah?
You couldn’t punch your way through the empty Cheetoes packs and Pot Noodle pots to get to your own bloody door :'DDDDDDDDD

Почему вы печатаете эту ерунду здесь?

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You are free to leave whenever you want, kid.

Bring it? I’m waiting, tough guy.

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Yeah that’s why player numbers are at an all-time high

oh wait

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Choco is just a forum troll, ignore it.