CCP, isn't it time to delete the forums?

I am guessing only 5% of players use the forums. Aren’t it time to delete them CCP?

Let us hear the numbers.

How many % of players have used the forums the last month?

How many developer hours and GM hours are spend on the forums a year?

I bet is way less players and way more hours than fx CQ.


Very few hours I’d imagine. Other than some community moderators how much effort do you think this needs to keep running? It’s mostly scrolling past waste of time posts like this one.

Salty much?

isn’t too salty for a soup.

I miss the friends that I’ve made on the forums. They don’t post anymore.

They moved the new forums to discourse, so given a well established third party hosted solution now I doubt they spend ANY dev time here.


Lets hear the numbers from CCP, I would be surprised if less than 5 man hours is spend daily on the forums, probably more like 20.

Here is a list of some of the hours spend:

But lets hear from CCP. they are the only ones with the actual numbers.

There are 14,030 characters with the “Basic” forum badge, meaning they have had some activity here rather than just having a char. That’s since the new forums came online, not including previous forum traffic on the old site.


Wonder of that’s a good enough metric to assume actual main characters/players :upside_down_face:

Lool it’s much less than 5%

I don’t think so. But it shows general activity.

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CCP never tried consider mains / players, when they deleted the cool parts of Eve, only accounts. So they would definitely count all 14030.

Fx for CQ, many people probably only used it on 1 char - at least per computer, since it could get a little laggy with several instances of CQ running at once. But they counted it as 16%* of players based on the accounts that logged in. If they had tried filter out some of the alts, I am quite sure it had been a much higher number - I know I am one of those people. I don’t have 20 accounts like some do, but even 1 alt on average that has different settings from main character makes it 32% of players that used CQ instead of 16%, just like all the bots probably run in low resource mode as well. CCP also looked at the amount of logged in time when they removed CQ - bots and constant logged in afk alts will probably have it off, while a player actually sitting at the computer will be online only a small fraction of the time of those types of characters. I become sort of curious how they have counted players that logged in on weak computers with CQ off but used CQ when they were logged in on computers that could handle it.

For Advanced Sound Settings, I personally have sound on for all, and used Advanced Sound on every character - but I am sure some just muted alts as well even if they use Advanced Sound on main, and I would also think bots just have sound off and not use advanced settings.

In the case of the forums, I would think several hundred of those 14030 accounts that has sort of used the forum, are CCP employees, ISDs, test accounts etc. Not sure how many of the flags I have earned personally. But in any case the number of actual players who have earned the badge is definitely smaller.

TLDR: CCP colors their statistics a lot to make them show what they want.

*Before the semi retirement by not making it possible to use it in Citadels etc.

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Since CCP isn’t forth coming with numbers:

Based on an analysis of the CCP 2016 published budget, it has been estimated Eve Online had 370000 subscribers in December 2016.

Based on Forum Badges:

Basic : 14266 / 3.9% of players.
Member : 1486 / 0.4% of players.
Regular : 184 / 0.05% of players.

Not going to try estimate how much time is spend on all the dev posts.

I don’t think he was meaning dev post but time devs spend on having to update forums and other programing for it.

She is meaning any dev and GM hours spend on the forums at all. Why would she only mean mean some of them? Makes no sense to only talk about part of the hours that is paid salary for.

Divide the subscriber count by about 4, and you’ll get close to the number of real players.

Stop posting and:

  1. You’ll never have to read them again

  2. The rest of us will never have to read your troll posts again.

  3. the devs wont have to read your troll postings either since that seems to be your primary problem with the forums, is that they are read by the devs.


Discussion seems to have concluded.

Thread closed.

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