CCP lays of dozens and closes VR department

Is this the end of ccp?

Is this good for eve?

Is the the end of valkyrie?

I thought Hilmair LOVES VR?


Ex-CCP LEELOOs official heart-felt post via reddit.

Many of us have opinions, yet this is from someone affected and is sincere, informative and true.


When one of the more popular VR games like Valkyrie has less than 20 people peak playing according to Steam, you know that VR is not ready for prime time:

The market just isn’t there yet. Still, I am sorry to hear some CCPers are losing their jobs today.


Really, this sucks for the people who lost their jobs. I hope CCP tries to find a solution for them and helps them to find a new job.

But not sure why they think they can ditch the VR developers and still claim to be a “dominant player in the sector”. If you fire your people with the domain know how you lose that know how, period.


Hey guys,

Just a quick follow up to this, given that there are questions about EVE, and the future.

Obviously this is a really difficult day for CCP, and it’s been super tough to see a lot of our friends and colleagues end their journey with CCP.

With regards to EVE, it’s kind of bittersweet that this puts us in a more solid position going forward, as a lot more focus is back on EVE Online, its services and all the technology and support around it.

The EVE Online development team was not impacted at all by these changes, and remains the same size, working toward the same goals and features that have already been announced.

We still have very big plans for EVE Online, and everything we’ve announced, plus more, is still going ahead, so there shouldn’t be any concerns from our pilots in that respect.

There’ll be more information about other projects, studios and suchlike in the coming days, and there’s also communication going out soon to the Valkyrie community too that has further information.


Valkyrie was opening support for regular PCs if it has not already. It probably doesn’t need much VR support any more. This news still sucks, amd I hope all laid off quickly find new employment.

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not the last and not the first time ccp waste money like this as they have either half done games and walked away, or completed games and walked away.


I don’t think we as external people have enough information to objectively judge if they “wasted” anything.

Entrepreneurship after all has a lot to do with taking risk. We would live in a very different world if nobody would be willing to take the risk of failure. I guess it would be very boring.


if you read some of their comments of about things like dust 514. they didn’t quit it because the ps4 came out they quit it with the excuse “programming is hard” like many of the things they have removed from eve because it was to much work.

Im full aware of Entrepreneurship as I run a business and im about to opened a 2nd and if I can get a solid investment even a 3rd which will all be successful. I don’t come up with lame excuses as to why I wont do something just because its hard, I find a solution for it.

Yes its true its not a prime time for VR but you cant do much about that unless you make the tech cheaper, they could still use those people elsewhere like increasing the evedev team as is since the devs apparently cut close on projects and don’t have time for other things.

Can anyone honestly say they are surprised by this?

Of course doing a new game is going to take time, money, and is going to be difficult but doing it on VR headset that’s to new or on a PS3 that’s outdated?

I think that all players need to realize that the most important part of this news is that hundreds of families will be receiving this news and having to adjust their lives; not the impact on the gamers themselves. My thoughts are with those effected and wish them all a swift resolution and a new job before long. Business (and EVE) is full of spreadsheets; sometimes we forget that there are real people behind those numbers.


We need people like ccp guard as lead game designers, not people who got grades in game designs and statistic numbers in the current game industry where most games are meh, but rather people who want to make a fun game to play (for them self)

Best of luck to those affected by this change. Losing one’s job can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life.

Indeed. Entrepreneurship is about innovation, that is, trying ideas that most people see as pointless, wasteful, and even crazy. And usually that is the case. Most innovative ideas are terrible and go nowhere. Here is an example of a bad attempt at innovation,

Things like Uber, AirBnB are successful innovations.

And entrepreneurship can itself lead to job loss as well. Entrepreneurship often reduces costs which also includes labor costs, or it gives rise to a competitor such as Uber and taxi cab companies. Without entrepreneurship we’d live in a much, much poorer world. Most of us would still be doing subsistence farming.

Is it waste though? You cannot tell ex ante when an innovation will take off and when it won’t. If we could we’d live in a very, very different world.

Sure, but its not like this will have come as a shock to people, VR has been dying for a while now and people inside the industry know it better than us so i have no doubt most of them were already prepared for this and are actively looking for work elsewhere likely outside of the VR industry :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like someone gambled too much of the payroll in Vegas…

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Sad news for the people … 100 employees, almost a third of CCP. But better pull the rope now than too late. I hope the next investment will be more successful, though they will likely focus on the EvE brand now, it’s risky for a company to have only one profitable product.

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More focus is back on EVE Online, but the EVE Online team […] remains the same size working toward the same goals. So, what exactly does this mean, same development schedule as before, just with a less distracted Hilmar?

I guess a few people worked on putting together the paragraphs for you to post…


Why in the hell would you even invest into VR at the moment??? Do what u can best - EVE.

…and CCP Logibro is leaving? Sad times,indeed.

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This is hardly the first time a gaming company has backtracked. Sony wasted millions on “Everquest 3” before they finally gave up on it.