CCP leading new players to believe $19.99/mo for omega. Shame

I am a very old player considering coming back to the game. I just went through the process of downloading the game by going to the website and clicking play for free, as a new player would. I created a new account (as a new player would), then it provided me the download page. As a new player, attempting to try the game for free, one would download the game and log in. A new player would then eventually arrive at this:

This is how a new player first encounters any option to upgrade their account in any way… Does anyone see the problem here?

This leads you to the new eden store page with one thing on it. The omega 30 day for 500 plex. As a new player, what will you interpret here, having no knowledge thus far of subscription options? You will click the big obvious “buy plex button”, and note that a conveniently sized 500 plex purchase is available for $19.99.

As a new player, one would assume that CCP is giving you the clear solution to upgrading your account… except this method costs 5 dollars more per month than the as yet completely omitted option to buy a $14.99 monthly subscription equivalent.

The part that pisses me off is that CCP isn’t dumb. This is intentional.

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Initial purchase/upgrade of account is $20. Unless you use PLEX.

Month by month starts at $15 RL cash and goes down if you buy in 3-6-12 month bundles.

500 PLEX is $20 because PLEX is not a subscription outright. It is an in-game currency that CAN be used to add 30-days but can also be used first and foremost to sell for ISK, but also skins, cosmetics, etc…

Your fears are not real.

You missed my entire post. Also, even though this is irrelevant to my point, I’ll point out that “Initial purchase/upgrade of account is $20. Unless you use PLEX.” is false. New accounts are freely made, and subscription costs a maximum of 14.95 the very first time on new accounts, and old.

Or they can press the even bigger button with highlighting Saying " Upgrade to Omega" Which takes them to the subscription page.

As this answers your question I will go ahead and close this.

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