CCP, multiplying is hard

I just dont need the other three so I guess I dont get the benefit

I’ve been using it to run secondary characters up to 10M SP so I can load up on Marshal BPs. Then I’ll probably extract and sell. Or just sell the characters if it’s a better deal.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I just rolled an alt for mining to see what it’s like.

About 41mil isk for all the skillbooks total. Imagine grinding for that. Now i have to wait 85 days until i can fly the exhumers. Imagine waiting for that. I also have to stay subbed for that.

Then the mining exhumers cost a futher estimated 300mil isk to buy. Then i have to insure it and buy mods. Imagine grinding for that.

That’s no problem for me but can you imagine how fun and engaging that must be and look to newcomers XD

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What you’re doing is exactly what we tell newbies NOT to do, setting super long “end game” goals and then go cry about how long it takes. Just play to have fun and at some point the goal you forgot you even set is completed.

besides 85 days is nothing.


Don’t tell me how to play, griefer scum!

Definitely not like the ad video, :laughing:

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I just added all appropriate skills and it’s about 200 days :laughing:

I injected my way to the glory of a retriever haha.

Apparently the 12 month pack price is now changed to 5100 PLEX. Thank you for reading this thread CCP :grin:


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