CCP - Need to look at neutral bumping alts

I think the actual relevant point to the discrepancy between server and client (and the client assigning the direction of movement based on player action, not the server storing a set ship orientation) is that a bumper’s client may display a different ship orientation for a stationary player ship vs what the stationary player’s client displays - because this graphical data is not synchronized with the server - so when a bumper hits a stationary ship the ship’s alignment toward its ‘nose’ as rendered on the graphic will not be consistent between clients.

Once the ship is in motion, though, its vector should be consistent across client and server - and at that point, establishing a ‘zone’ relative to the vector that is ‘hot’ for impacts would be feasible.

But I am pretty sure all it takes to make it pointless to try and force a third-party suspect action is keeping safeties to green. Most freighter and orca pilots do this by default to avoid accidents anyway. So what does the server do if you cannot go suspect when green safety but are on a collision path? Unless you remove collision mechanics at that point, you still have people bump - and no change vs present functionality has occurred.

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Good question.

My answer would be that you just can’t go suspect because if the suggested rule where a ship set to green safety cannot be piloted to exceed a certain velocity is in place, then its obvious the ship did not exceed that velocity on its own power ie the bump was likely not intentional.

I know that now the point will be brought up that someone could potentially bump a middle ship which then gets to bump the victim for free, but that seems so impractical that just letting them try seems OK.

All that seems to eliminate any need for concern about bumping a victim to become FY. If their safety is set to yellow and it happens to them, tough. Keep it set to green if your situational awareness is on the level of AFK, or you are actually AFK.

But why limit ship velocity when safeties are green? There are far more use cases for traveling at high speeds in high sec that do not involve direct interaction with other players than there are that involve bumping actions. It’s an oversized restriction for a very narrow area of potential conflict.

That will depend on how the numbers work out. For many and probably most ships, it may actually mean no changes at all. A proper bumping ship is a specially chosen hull and is specially fit for bumping and travels at velocities and with momentums that are highly unusual…or so I believe.

The velocity allowed would be determined by the momentum limit set. I cannot see a frigate, no matter how over-propped, to ever exceed a reasonable momentum limit.

This is where the idea bogs down for me. Who defines reasonable, and what are the criteria for such? How well do the settings scale across ship classes? Is it even possible to scale them without killing unrelated gameplay, like ships configured for making deep safes?

you mean machs usually don’t fit MWD ?

No. I mean (and could be wrong) that someone who intends to bump in a mach will do more than just fit an MWD to make it fast.

When I said “specially fit for bumping” did you think I meant just add an MWD? Dude, if your English is that bad please start taking lessons or something. This is getting ridiculously tiresome.

CCP obviously. Its part of the reason why I am not going to go gung-ho crunching numbers and doing all the work to answer your other questions.

The other part is the simple fact that I could set an absolutely perfect plan and it would be completely ignored…not rejected for a reason…just ignored.

Right. Because we have been given ample reason to trust CCP to be aware of all the ways people are playing the game and what impact their changes will have.

Oh wait…

Are you suggesting an armed revolt? Or a legal corporate takeover perhaps? Is there some other way to do over the head of CCP???

And what is exactly he difference ?
What exactly allows you to point that a MWD mach is ONLY fit for bumping ?

Also go ■■■■ yourself with your personal attacks you dumb piece of ■■■■.

CCP should indeed look into this bumping and perhaps make a new, fun event ? Terribly sorry, but this thread is just … out of proportion, maybe ?
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Watch out for these two near any gate, they seem to have fun at least.

Word salad.

Its not a personal attack to point out that you cannot keep up and aren’t. There are more possibilites than your English level to explain, but damn it, that was the nicest one.

It is easy to attack someone’s language when they point out a flaw in your reasoning.

You seem to think that MWD Macharials are only used for bumping.

What about the players who fly MWD Macharials for other purposes? Should they automatically be flagged suspect on undock for using their MWD?

No, very precise argument on your previous post.

Your post was a personal attack, as this this exact one.

Wow. I think you are going off what he said, which is wrong. I clearly said

If you understand those as

Then your English ability is also severely lacking for purposes of this conversation.

That’s another personal attack.

What prevents a Mach with ONLY a officer mutated MWD to be used as a bumper ?
What’s the difference in momentum between such a mach and a mach specifically dedicated to bump ?

I have mach fits that are dedicated for specific usage, not bumping, and are able to bump a MWD fit orca out of warp (I already did it)

So what does

actually mean ?

That was my question that you answered with personal attacks - The thing that you call “word salad” just because you realize it proves you’re wrong and you were a dick for insulting me out of spite.

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Another personal attack.

Thank you for proving you actually have no idea what you are talking about.

Therefore : the idea of putting an arbitrary limit on the ability to bump, based on the fitting, is just a nonsense. Whenever you are explained it, you go all offensive mode like you could NEVER be wrong.

Never said that. FFS Would you please leave me alone?

yes you did.