CCP on fighting bots

Why was a fighting/banning/ killing 600 accounts posted on twitter and answering questions and reddit with ccp employees answering/talking about it but NO announcement done on your own OFFICIAL forums?

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First I’m hearing of this…

I thought I was following them on Twitter too…odd.

CCP Peligro posted on his twitter then someone put it on reddit and CCP employees are responding to posts in it but maybe they should run it by PR first since they are being very stupid with it.
From CCP employees pretty much saying it’s the PLAYERS JOB to report on it and not CCP games EMPLOYEES…the PAYING customer to do the job for free…

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It really annoys the hell out of me that CCP use Twitter / Facebook / reddit / slack / discord etc etc etc to announce stuff.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not annoyed they use those platforms I just think anything and everything to do with Eve should be on these forums / the official website FIRST (as well).


I 100% agree, do it official first and then use the rest of social media to help in the process by funneling people to your own website/tools. They really do need someone from a PR firm to help them.

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LOL…so now I need to add another CCP employee to my Twitter in the attempt to stay in the know…great…


You do realize that this is a specific CCP Dev talking about this work, right?

This is not relevant news to anyone in the game. They don’t announce this every time they ban people…it was just a nice optional Information that one dev put out to tell Players that there concerns are heared and that they are doing things about bots all the time. The entitlement on this forum…

A User posted something that a dev posted on this Account and with the usuall tweetfleet Hashtag. No user posted anything here. The end

Who cares? The bots are back the next day, if they take that long.

Sadly, so true.

However, I loved CCP Peligro’s comment which sent a shot across Mittens’ ( and others) bow.

they’d post it on their own forums but it’d probably get locked.


If they are banning bots that’s all that matters to me…

Venture dplexers from minmatar fw are already replaced by brand new characters

You can ban bots all day every day but untill you plug those holes you are not gonna make a difference

Banning alphas doesn’t help either, just fix something.

100% agree

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And now Goons attacking the Panfam botting regions. Good stuff.

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