CCP pilots anonymous, this is for you

I have 3 very active accounts and 9 less active, plus silly amount of single use accounts.
For my very active 2 are CCP affiliated and 1 i pay for. For my less active i pay for 4, 2 are CCP and 3 are alpha accounts.
the CCP accounts have MCT, but we pay for our own plex and other RMT items (and no, no discount) :slight_smile:


As a job benefit we get 5 accounts with MCT - which worked out perfectly for me because that was basically my setup prior to joining CCP. I make full use of all of them, I think some of us just use one or two.

If we want to buy plex or skins though that’s on us.


MCT on all three slots, or just two?

Just two… I think. Otherwise I’ve been missing some SP :sweat_smile:

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Some very interesting insight. Thank you.

Your activities are very similar to my main character’s, like FW, null sec exploration, industry, etc… I also find it interesting there is a lot of solo activity, when the direction of the game seems to being nerfing those areas.

It’s nice to see you staying away from the f1 and blob scenario. Small gang/solo pvp is where the heart racing thrill is at, imho.

Would like to see at least one dev join up with USIA and grind out missions for standings so you can see that gaining standings and such needs an overhaul… and an easier way to share faction standings of some sort.

Can the CCP dev just pay Archer to grind their standings for them? I hear that the rates are quite affordable.

Thanks for the stories guys, interesting read with how you spend your time in Eve :rocket:


How do I fight me some devs? And I don’t mean like “wait two years for them to do some kind of special event where 6,000 high-sec noobs kill a dev-piloted titan in a 1.0 system.” I’m talking a bona fide dev corporation that I can wardec (or, even more hilariously, they can wardec me). And if I beat them all, would I get to become one too? I don’t mean like a paid job; I already have one of those. I just want to “fix” the game.

Lol insert foot in mouth

Dear CCPers,

It’s a real treat to read your replies. We see anything from timid beginnings in hisec via pvp’ing in all its variety to actual spying in alliances (yep, made me laugh out loud). Absolutely awesome guys, thank you for taking the time to write these replies. It’s appreciated.

There must be many more of you. Could you gently nudge some of your colleagues for more stories, please ?


Ah, sticking your head above the parapet. I’m sure they’ll come to you… unexpected. :sunglasses:

This is great. We finally have a thread that we can point to whenever someone complains that CCP never reads the forums.

I will be bookmarking this thread for future reference.

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You’d better bookmark it - it may be years before we see something like it again.

All i need is one example.

Just be ready for the moving goalposts

Because they only engaged with a fun thread, so thats not going to be good enough.

This thread is indeed intended to be a fun and interesting one, not one to prove any important “points” except perhaps that “the devs” are, and have always been, part of the Eve community.

Could it be more ? Sure. You could turn this subject into a whole community project serving several purposes. But, whether or not someone starts running with the little ball I tossed into the air depends on priorities and workload. We would all like to hear the story of the person from catering or the maintenance person who is flying a super, or the artist who was tricked into flying point… Yep, a wacky, old style o7 Show with short interviews would have been fun if it still existed, etc. But I’m already grateful to the people from CCP who did respond, and of course in the first place our community developer @CCP_Aurora who responded to a call for her higher powers it seems :sunglasses:

As to the presence of ccp on these forums, I think it’s more a matter of too many (social) communication channels than a deliberate choice. One only has to use the devtracker website to see their many interactions. Rallying ccp personnel to one place is hard work for anyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That reminded me last year (?) GM week podcast. I really would like to hear more interesting stories. It helps to remember that GM’s (and other CCP employees) are only humans. And if assigned GM has good day, you actually can have some fun writing tickets.

This thread makes me wonder whether we, as the forum community, are just “too much” for the Devs to deal with. Perhaps they would like to interact with us more, but they don’t feel comfortable due to the generally bawdy/roadhouse tone of most of our conversations.

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I know exactly what you mean.