CCP please develop better tools to detect and remove multibox gankers

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Its in the name. Harvest. Harvesting tears from hs cry babies.

At least EvE still has something going for it. Nowhere is safe. I like that. Thats why a lot of people came to this game.


Stations are safe.

Logging off is safe.

uhh how in the world did they do that…

Multi-boxing input-broadcast = paid subs for CCP.

Their outrage against it is purely a façade.

They will put on full display a handful of violators once in a while, like the DEA posing in front of stacks of cash and hash… it’s meaningless offering to the gullible. Not even a drop in the bucket.

As long as Kusion et al are paying, CCP doesn’t care.


it is enough for a man to say out loud three sentences to a laptop, and silly ones will make a topic of it for several dozen posts full of huge texts and all kinds of wisdom… magic

multi boxing and input broadcasting are different things conflating them suggests you have an agenda.

i multibox same as most gankers (and miners/mission runners/ war deccers/ null pvpers/ wormhole delvers/ lowsecers etc) but dont input broadcast , there is literally no need to input broadcast for ganking. if people struggle to press fire on multiple accounts by themselves then all i can do is lol.


What you need to do is simply this, contact all the people who were ganked by these people and ask for their logs. Check them carefully, if you see more than 6 per second starting to fire then they are probably botting and you should then forward the logs to CCP so they can assess it themselves.

Nothing much else needs to be said.

Looks like the rabble found their scapegoat in the form of a few dozen remaining ganker players in the game. Even without any proof, and kill board evidence pointing to the contrary, the cancel culture is already kicking in.

Ironic that they’d push the botting angle against PvPers, while there are literally about 4,000 ratting and mining bots logged in right this very second that none of them seem to want to talk about. But then again, when we note how much scarcity whining is going on, it’s safe to say that quite a few of the people shedding daily tears on these forums have automated income streams; that’s just the law of averages if nothing else. But no, botting is always evil, and it’s always someone else who’s doing it, and not these upstanding members of the EVE community.

Except they aren’t. Hang around carebears long enough and you’ll see where the actual botters are. They’ve got each other’s back, though. They all look the other way with regard to each other so that everyone can get a piece of the pie.


Preheating and preactivating the weapons can be done in advance, fleet warp and the only thing left to do is to alt tab through a bunch of clients to ctrl click a target.

Never done it myself, but it doesn’t sound that complicated to me that you would require special software to do that.


yo gankers! yo great space warriors!..

I would like to make a bet with you…

although I have been playing EVE since 2003, I know I have been playing since 2018… I agree that until 2018 EVE was a pvp game… however, from 2018 it became just a pve game…

to the point … i want to bet it will remain a pve game to the end, with only minor pvp elements…

edition: on second thought, I come to the conclusion that EVE has always been a pve game…

For both characters you listed I picked their first kill and you can SEE that the damage per ganker differs and lowers. That’s a decent indication the player took the time to switch tabs and click the required buttons.

It’s not 100% proof of course but someone using broadcast software would get far more consistent damage numbers across their characters.

Some people are just better: better informed, better prepared, better practice.

I don’t multibox, but keep in mind that some people spend great amounts of time and energy mastering these operations and can achieve amazing results. As an example from some videos a while back:
Olmeca style client stacking

I don’t have links handy but I’ve seen videos of people using up to 12 ships at once and alt-tabbing very fast to send commands to them. Not sure exactly how many windows/commands per second is typically possible but it’s not that hard to coordinate 5-8 ships.

As others have said, logs are needed to show if, for instance, 6-8 ships are starting firing within under 1 second or something like that.

“8 ships all attacked me at once perfectly coordinated” is not evidence of botting.

“8 ships all targeted and got their first shot in on me within under a second difference” is something CCP would need to check up on. (as an example, not saying I know CCP’s criteria)


Thanks for the info. I’ll edit my first post.

If this is the case, then CCP should ban the accounts. Ganking is fine, but cheating isn’t.

However, I’m not sure in this instance that I am seeing from the kills, what you are.

Below is a list of the damage done by each attacker in every kill of that corporation. If there was input broadcasting, we’d see almost all characters per kill with very similar damage. But that isn’t the case. There is a clear gap once he goes beyond 4 characters, and then again after more characters.

Without even plotting the data, this doesn’t look like input broadcasting:


Dude: it is not good for your mental health to get this upset about a forum post. I’m sorry that you thought that my post was a disguised attack on ganking as a playstyle. As I stated, I am not against ganking. I’ll edit my first post as subsequent posters have indicated that it is possible to multi-box legally using this strategy.

Thank you. I will edit the 1st post.


Dude: it’s not good for your argument to draw from the “y u so mad bro” well when someone disagrees with you and calls out your lack of evidence for accusing someone of cheating.


I really have no idea about multibox gankers, how they supposedly manage all those dots single handedly or better then, what’s their real impact.
We speculate about this “obviously” being that and there surely are “those”, etc.
Waste of time, I say!

Now, this^^ I agree with. We speculate but this single one is the only trustable fact assertion on the matter. Always has and always will.

I have nothing against botting since it is legal to have unlimited accounts and characters per say, IP or whatever.

That, my friend is an open door and the sky is the limit.
I honestly can’t see why complain about botting, except when you are clearly not one of them, and at the same time are dying to be.

If EVE is PVP, PVE, a PVP mexican standoff scenario of politics, a rubble of PVP pseudo elitoid neanderthals attempting to measure antennae… I don’t care!
When you own the system, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS WITHIN IS BECAUSE YOU ALLOW IT TO! Get that in your grey matter before even trying, please!. Think about this and revise all your past, actual and future assumptions regarding what can be done in EVE… but more specifically, why is it done --allowed, for example–.

Now, if someone is curious… I kindly invite to visit Odin.
Not for fireworks sighting, nah-ha! It’s just to revise your factoid-norrhea rainbowscade of false accounting.

Factcheck an Orca gank of 27 involved ships and tally the exercise of macro-ing that move. Then you might --or surely will not-- realize that enabling a multibox --and totally legal-- deployment of such proportions is already quite an accomplishment by itself… let along admiring the orchestration of it’s complexity in your sea of tears while contemplating how ridiculous it sounds if instead, you won’t worship such art if indeed it’s a set of macros.

Ganking is EVE, whether you like it or not. 90%+ PVP encounters are based on a direct proportion to a “gank” setup plus the element of surprise, of course. The other day I said and still believe it deserves some looking into, but for improvement, not nerf or buff --per se–.

Move along.

Why don’t you read the edit that I made to my first post.