CCP Research Completed on ore and moon changes, get report

Hi there everyone

If you did not know I did some research on the ore and moon mining changes to give CCP constructive feedback and the voice of the community. 251 capsuleers participated, thank you. It was a bit of a rush job but wanted it out asap. And thank you if you participated, your feedback is valued.

You can download the report here:


For “professionals that have worked with fortune 500 companies on a global scale” It’s funny that you only ever published one research, a research document that reeks of amateurism.

Did you know ccp sent round a survey asking for the opinions capsuleers on the economy?

And then a couple weeks later announced the ore shortage stage.

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First, I feel that your survey appears to be interpreted with a small amount of negative bias and/or emphasis.

You say things like “this score is mostly influenced by the high number of Null Sec respondents, who are mostly against these changes (47%)”. From what I know of polling, 47% for and 53% against would usually be referred to as “almost evenly split”, not “mostly against”. A few other areas seem to stress the negative responses a little more than the numbers would indicate.

(A small nitpick, if you are referring to the ‘mostly against’ numbers you should use the ‘53% against’ number or say ‘only 47% support’. It is clear from context of the paragraph but that sentence structure reverses the rest of the paragraphs phrasing.)

You touched on the aspect that more respondents from NullSec with more negative responses skewed the numbers here, but I feel you should’ve quantified that a bit more (eg. compared a result that normalized the results from each region to a base). You might also have pointed out that in general, people who feel negatively impacted by a change are more likely to voice their opinion than people who feel positively impacted.

Other than that, I liked the survey. You did a good job covering the varying types of response, and summarizing the overall feeling from the players. I also liked the tips for CCP that you distilled from the various responses. There’s a spot where you said “12% are buying all minerals” instead of the correct “24%” but it was mostly error-free.

Overall I am a bit surprised by how positively this was received in general and across which segments of the playerbase. (Not surprised at all by NullSec having the most negative response of course.)

The fact that CCP got the lowest scores from the newest and oldest players is certainly something they should be concerned about.

Thanks for doing this and presenting the results in a useable manner!

(PS: Since NullSec made up over half the respondents, I also might have published some tables at the end as an appendix showing just how the Miner/Ratter/Industrialist etc. careers broke down by region, to see if not only more NullSeccers replied but also a higher percentage of NullSec miners specifically - which would give an idea of just how much those numbers affected the results.)


Not a bad effort, shame the sample size was so small.

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Yeah just a tinsy winsy teeny weeny bit.

Honestly, the questions themselves also were a bit on the negative side, as I remember.

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Worth noting that the newest players in null sec are likely to be under the influence of their older corp/alliance mates.

Might have been interesting to see this info separated by sec status.

Once again thank you to everyone that participated.

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