Please help me give feedback to CCP

Hi there everyone

My name is PiPPeN. I am a marketing researcher by trade and am concerned about the changes CCP have made to ore and changes they want to make with moon mining/minerals.

I want to give them some objective player feedback - and this is the best way I know how - through research. It would mean alot if you can participate in my survey. Please can you help send to all your friends that play the game?

Thank you


Nicolay sends you a message:
no, ■■■■ off.

Longer version:
CCP is aware of the change and it is intended to be a temporary adjustment.

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I just want to thank everyone that has participated thus far!

Very interesting results and insights already coming through. But I do need more people from High-sec, Low-sec, Wormholers and Pirates! aarrrghhh!

I did the survey, was quick and to the point.

Good luck on getting CCP to actually acknowledge it.

Hell, they rarely ever respond to their own Feedback threads here in the Official Eve Online Forums.

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Tried filling it in.

The need to choose one specific answer to anything made me realise its going to be pretty inaccurate survey, sorry, so I stopped.

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No, ■■■■ off.

Thanks for your feedback and cursing, dont want trolls filling it in anycase - only people that actually want to make a positive contribution.

Once again, thanks to all those that are contributing, there is some cool stuff I can see already! :slight_smile:

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Where do you spend most time?

You need to have the option to choose more than one, or your results are skewed and dont take into account various common playstyles.

The barely respond to CSM concenrns… not that I care about the CSM but since they are the closest to CCP from a player pespective maybe go via them?

Good luck.


“Where do you spend most time?”

Wow, how informative. What a true insight into the things that matter this provides! I’m SO glad some rando thinks so much of themselves to have gone out of their way to stop b1tching about their Rorq and instead now try to waste other people’s time too.


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Heh, the question was - Where do you spend most of your time? The key word is ‘most’. Choosing more than one area will skew up the results a lot more than picking the section of security space that you mainly reside in.

I dont agree that a minor variation in minutes between HS and WH is large enough a difference to say which Im in more as far as a usage survey is concerned, sorry.

I know theres a semantic difference, but as far as Im concerned, Im in both at the same time any way thanks to alts.

It’s a simple question, which section of Eve space do you mainly reside in?

If you have a bunch of alts and want to do the survey with each of them, then you need to answer the questions as a solo character.

CCP has spent years gathering yet ignoring gigabytes of their own data from EVE; what makes you think they will pay attention to any outside source? :thinking:


My contribution is the most positive of all. It’ will save you a bunch of time: the most precious substance in the universe. No need to thank me.

Hi all. If you didnt know, i did some research to give CCP some feedback on the ore / moon changes. 251 people participated. I rushed it and worked after hours to get it done. Sorry for typos/grammar. You can download the report for free. Thank you if you participated:

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That’s the problem with most surveys, which is why I never bother with them. But having lots of different answers would most likely be just as meaningless.

Not really if they were split in order of most to least active.

But its a one sided questionairre designed to appeal to his confirmation bias.


Thanks for posting the results of the survey.


Thank you for the appreciation. I am just trying to add to the conversation in a constructive way.