CCP: Sadly, I predict Permafrost will be a big disappointment. Here's why:

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #21

To make it easier for pvp’ers to participate :roll_eyes:

(Black Ambulance) #22

just tested the site on sisi , got bored in like 10 minutes , wouldn’t miss it on TQ

PRO : CCP’s effort to make something new
CONS : t1 loot , bad rewards , boring, not real dps to deal , 1 site per constellation

(Bank Panama) #23

Also tested on sisi:

My eyes now hurt! - could hardy see anything other than the overview… couldn’t see if modules were activated or not… seriously, this was tested?

Crap rewards, loot, etc - just not worth running (except maybe in high sec)

(Pearl Abyss Diver) #24

Ice Dwarf placement changes after DT. Gas and ore are replaced as well in this new location with DT.

Mordu’s Legion rats regenerate.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #25

Looks to me like it’s more about how fast you can do things and then GTFO.
Not everybody is a speed runner type though. Could be interesting.

(Explorator Rin) #27

The last event was a huge disappointment … and this one … I will not even try. I did not think that on holidays we would roll out such crap. Why not 1 beacon on the region? sorry guys is idiotism.
Event is a holiday, gifts, bonuses … and activity of players. What I see the last two times in Eve is work, work and a trap for players. Not event guys…

(Uriel the Flame) #28


(Hunorin Q'rath) #29

Probably the worst event in the past year. I arrive at the places and it’s all done already and, I can’t even make points properly since only medium turrets works, It’s not really encouraging jumping in the middle of a big ass lv 4 mission with a cruiser for that. ._."

(elitatwo) #30

Don’t forget the s-weapons challenge or the “kill 5 Mordus in a mining boat” challenge.

Okay I was able to do both (ships were Phantasm, Succubus, Endurance) but still.

(Kayleth Tokila) #31

This is the first event i have seen in eve and was very much looking forwards to it. but its just one big disappointment. no data nodes to hack, 1 battleship occasionally appears and is killed before i can even get in range. and if i’m killing something, someone else comes along and gets the last hit and well that’s that… great… was looking forwards to flying my Hurricane with the nice skin that requires 380 points…

I find it hard to understand how this went live in its current form. Very limited resources (data site nodes etc) on an mmo with tens of thousands of active concurrent players (32,284) as of time of writing, Taking just one of the objectives to hack 10 nodes, that’s 322,840 nodes for everyone to complete just that one objective with non spare. there are what 16 in each site? and 16 days the event is active, that’s 256 nodes per constellation.
I cant find how meany constellations there are but assuming a modest 6 systems in each and 5201 systems in the game that’s 867 simultaneous events. meaning a grand total of 221,952 nodes available for the whole event across all of space. As you can see that falls well short of just the current active users on a Monday afternoon. what are people who work or are asleep at the end of downtime supposed to do, just sit the event out?
Obviously my numbers are very rough estimates as i don’t know the exact values like total number of constellations but i can say with certainty that an event that celebrates Christmas of all holidays needs to allow for everyone to join in and complete, but this simply doesn’t.

(Roxann Dawson) #32

Woah, this event ends abrupt.

Open ‘The agency’ , click operation Permafrost. Read text and wonder where the event is.
Can’t find the ‘Ice Dwarf’ on the map nor set destination to it… End event.

Apparently one has to ‘explore / run around till you stumble over it’ … CCPlease … :frowning:

(Yuno Kallum) #33

Im kind of a new player in EVE and I just lost my BC that I worked my ass off for.
I dont know anything about what the permafrost missions have to offer because I cant even fight random rats in belts for 2 reasons; 1) theyre waaay too overpowered and 2) I cant even scratch them (even with my BC).
So I was on a combat agent mission and I arrived at the spot only to witness the complete utter ■■■■■■■■ the developers had implemented. Like I said, I was piloting a BC (with which usually I have no problems taking out rats and pirates on missions) and man, in like 5 seconds, they damaged me so much I had 50% structure remaining. I did manage to warp out to a belt and while warping I was repairing armor. I repaired about 50% armor and upon landing in the belt, 2-3 rats attacked me (which didnt even show up on the overview) and they took me out so fast I couldnt even register what was going on. 70M ISK down the drain (ship + equipment).

At this point Im just looking out of my head, just trying to figure out what the heck happened. Warping back to the station I did see I recieved 26M ISK cos my ship was destroyed but it brought me no relief or consolation. Now I have to work hard again to have money for a new BC cos like I said Im kind of a new player. I have serious money issues in the game.

Anyway, I hit up the EVE website where I find absolutely no information as to how pirates have been changed. The minimum that you do when you make an update like this is create an extension to the update post in which you explain EXTENSIVELY what those changes mean. For instance, when you look at the Operation Permafuck panel on the left where you can see the objectives, just above the objectives it says that your damage is decreased, your resistances are decreased etc but for god sakes BY HOW MUCH???

So at this point I start looking everywhere but it is stated nowhere by how much I deal less damage, by how much my resistances are decreased or any of that. Ita just utter ■■■■■■■■. So I start to speak to people and ask for info about the new pirates, asking them “can these new op pirates even be killed?” and the answer from most people was that they can but you need a fleet of 10 or so with BS or higher vessels, and at this point Im like “where have I seen such ■■■■■■■■ before?”. Im a new player, I cant even pilot a battleship yet, I mostly play solo etc…

Anyway, this was the point where I started thinking “I just got my omega but Im ■■■■■■ anyway”. The developers ■■■■■■ new players so hard they dont even realize it. We are forced back to 0.7 or 0.8 or whatever and above to be able to mine without worrying about being taken out without even noticing it. Also, even if I were to join others, I cant pilot a BS and it is painfully clear that a BC wont cut it since I lost my BC in like 10 seconds or less against these overpowered npcs. LIKE WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??? And after all this I get the ■■■■■■■■ explanation of “well, it is a cooperative experience”. Oh ■■■■, you dont say!

Anyway, I wanna congratulate the developers for releasing this super-exciting and adventurous new update in which, if youre (relatively) new to the game, YOU ARE ■■■■■■!

And I just barely scratched the surface…

(BlackNova33) #34

Usually I roll my eyes when players are always whining (bitching really) about CCP and their ideas. This time however, I have to agree with @The_Larold. The approach that CCP took about forcing to share the sites is going to be chaos. Was it too hard to replicate the concept of the Crimson Harvest or the Rogue Swarm where you just warp to the next system if the site you are currently in is taken by another player? I am all for new content and to have fresh ideas, but they have to be in a way that all players (not some) can take on their own. That’s why I like the abyssal concept so much, and now you have the option to do it in a fleet of 3, if you would like. Anyways, that’s just my opinion. I will give it a shot tonight and depending how “crowded” these sites get in my neighborhood, I may take a pass on this one…

(The Larold) #35

@BlackNova33 -

I agree with you - there is generally a lot of whining in the community, so I am glad you recognized my post for what it was - concern and constructive critique, not rampant complaining. I very much appreciate that.

I have faith in CCP, and I think that in some way, they’ll mitigate this issue. Fixing the cans-don’t-respawn issue will help somewhat. But it’ll still be too crowded, and I think they’ll acknowledge that.

I think this might have been a case of the right intention (bringing players closer together and simultaneous participation), but it hasn’t quite worked out in terms of supply and demand.

Good luck in your event running.

(The Larold) #36

@Yuno_Kallum -

That really sucks. Tell you what - sounds like you’re down anywhere from 50 to 80 million ISK. If you can round up 2-3 folks who would be willing to help cover the cost, I’ll go in with them to get you enough cash to buy your stuff back.

I remember how hard I worked my way up through the chain of ships (Kestrel -> Caracal -> Drake -> Raven -> Golem), and losing your BC would suck.

Others will say Don’t Fly What you Can’t Afford to Lose, but indeed, this event has been… interesting, in terms of damage profiles.

Any one want to go in with me to get Yuno their ship back?

(HunterK en Daire) #37

I would expect the event is more difficult for newbies with the damage type being different to some rats. For Armor use reactive armor/nano and Thermal & Kinetic Hardener from Inferno & Scourge missiles. The larger ships do more damage and tank better. Should be able to rep upto cruiser size on 1 armor repairer. Hope this helps and similar for Shield.

Sadly this event for Christmas seems to really sinking low for CCP. We are at christmas and the only thing supplied is an event to try and get people to fight each other despite the majority people do not participate in PvP ( as said by CCP). The Clouds and Drops disappear minutes after downtime as seen on test server - (nothing learned) and all is left to circle MTU and shoot rats. Not even decent PvE. Exporation, Mining non-existent in High Sec where most people do it and we are trying to get people to try different things in Eve (Sorry forgot CCP are not interested in Miners, HiSec, Exploration, PvE).

My Vote goes with Title.

(Buoytender Bob) #38

What you are describing seems to be the reaction from a FOB in a system, not a Permafrost site. FOB pirates will show up at stations,belts and gates, but not in missions. Had a report from a victim in an adjacent system that he lost his ship while hacking a scanned site in a FOB affected system…and, yes, those FOB rats are tough. I just saw a Rattlesnake lose to a group of them; got neuted out and webbed/pointed. Also, they will not show up in your overview unless you added them in ( they also have a diamond symbol in their ship i.d.)

Edit: sorry, reread your post and I see that you are e saying that it is indeed the permafrost site causing what happened to you. At work, so hours before I can log on and try this new content or, like a lot of people, perhaps just skip it.

(HunterK en Daire) #39

I think what you say on FOB rats would apply to second part of BC issue. As you say they are incursion tough. Normal belt rats should not do a lot of damage to a BC especially when healing armor. FOB rats do visit belts and most places in system looking for a fight.

(Leah Crowleymass) #40

I’m in for 25 m to help out. It’s the season of giving and I can sympathize as well.

Will have to wait until I get home.

@Yuno_Kallum- are you posting with your main or an alt?

(Alice Wonders) #41

Yes, wormholes are grouped into constellations.