CCP: Sadly, I predict Permafrost will be a big disappointment. Here's why:

(The Larold) #42

Cool. I’ll go for 25 mil as well. Even if it’s just the two of us, that should help get them close. Anyone else in?

(Kovman Ramirez) #43

And anyone knows where the f*** is the gas cloud to harvest? I can see the ore places, but I can´t find the gas cloud. Anyone can help?

(Annisir Kaugan) #44

You have to add it to overview Temporal Resources

(Kovman Ramirez) #45

thanks, but how it looks? I added ore asteroid to overview, but, as in Abyss you need to actual visually find the item in order to add it. And I can´t find it. I don’t know the shape of it neither.

(Annisir Kaugan) #46

Its on the West gate, I havent seen it so assume a cloud of some description.

(Kovman Ramirez) #47

I thought it´s on the west gate. There is nothing with cloud shape. Actually ore asteroids was no easy to find neither. Really frustrating

(Orbit Arbosa) #48

Send me an in-game email and I will refund the ship.

(Devon Stone) #49

They have been locking out newer players from these events lately. You get close enough to the groups and get swarmed. A couple of cruisers will take down a well tanked BS if you’re not careful.

After the release of Alpha the events were inclusive. Lot more fun.

Ice Dwarf in my constellation 22:00 on the first day had no one in the system except me. It is a hisec system also.

(Thom Kane) #50

I agree. No need for me to waste my travel time.

(iogj nbkui) #51

another one *** event with *** rewards
and yes I’m CoCoPee hater =)

(Dior Ambraelle) #52

There are 2 huge clouds, and they are the reason why you can’t see anything there.

  • open your overview settings (horizontal lines at the top left corner)
  • “Tab Presets” tab
  • Asteroid group: Temporal Resources and Celestial group: Harvestable Cloud should be checked

By the way both the mining and the hacking site seems to be fixed, the cans refill in approximately 5 minutes I think.

(Porsche Amarr) #53

One of my tasks has bugged out (Harvest Hiemal Tricarbonyl Condensate 0/800). Already done it once during this DT. This latest task won’t fill at all. Might see if it changes after DT today.
All the other tasks seem to be completing ok.

(Ezra Endashi) #54

I have problem with this task since yesterday before DT. I hope it will be fixed when I get home from work today afternoon.

(Ayumu Kasuga) #55

Really CCP? You gated the kill requirements behind class of weapons now? These sites will kill a well tanked mission fit BS QUICKLY if not done with care and you expect people to go in with cruisers that’ll get insta-wrecked? one site per CONSTELLATION I’ve so far seen and read!!! Who thought this crap up??

(elitatwo) #56

lol right ship for the right task. I cannot comprehend how one can lose a ship in that north pole site at all.

(Tipa Riot) #57

Was watching cloaked for a couple hours yesterday … 3 dead by rats, 1 dead by suicide gank. So it happens. :wink:

The problem is people stand still with not enough active tank, or use MWDs not wisely enough.

(Buoytender Bob) #58

In a site with a Paladin all alone just trying out the drop rates when a Talos of a well known ganking group drops in at 190km. Raised an eyebrow at that and continued to hit the dscan every 5 or so seconds through force of habit. When a small group of 4 more pop up landing at the acceration gate into the North site, I warped out. They were just there to farm the site or…? Figured that a quick blap was possible if I got hit at the lowest point of the toughest Mordus wave. Left wondering if the rewards justify the risk.; perhaps merely paranoria.

(Thorindir Naari) #59

My biggest Problem is that the Event Missions are unbalanced.

Especialy the Mining missions. There are 2 Process Missions which seems fair, 1 for gas, 1 for ice.
The Problem is that they compied the Ice Mission to get the Gas mission, which means you need to Process 800 Gas at a Station (the In-Site Facilitys do not count(!?)).

That doesn’t seem bad until you realise that a Venture with T1 Harvesters need to sit 150 Minutes(!!!) in the Site to huff enough Gas for that Mission (1 Gas per cycle, 22,5s Cycle time)…

(elitatwo) #60

That’s a good habit. Better safe than sorry.

(The Larold) #61

Agreed. For what it’s worth, I always fire my cloaking device when entering a new system and warping… even if I’m in high-sec, have empty cargo, a cheap ship, and no valuable implants.

And remember… even the paranoid have enemies.