CCP: Sadly, I predict Permafrost will be a big disappointment. Here's why:

(Macumba Oxossi) #62

Poor fellah,
Bet he has not seen the kill a centurion BS with small weapons yet…

Which a svipul handled with ease.

(elitatwo) #63

I killed 5 of them in my Succubus and some frigates in my Endurance but what do I know…

(Santa Spirit) #64

I believe that CCP was attempting to make something different for players to experience and it simply didn’t pan out that way.
They will of course keep working at it as they always do.

(The Larold) #65

@Santa_Spirit -

I completely agree. I feel bad - looking back on my post titles that attempted to call attention to (what I viewed as) show-stopping bugs, I realized that attempting to grab attention resulted in a more negative impression than I wanted to give.

The sense of iteration and trying new things is fantastic in the series of events that have been released, which is just awesome.

When I have more time, I’m going to try to propose a few suggestions and ideas that, working together, CCP , the CSM, and the Eve community can discuss constructively at large. The aim being to improve an already-pretty-damn-awesome event experience (as a whole), and see if we can help CCP reduce friction with future events without increasing their workload.

Being it’s the holidays, and that my attempts at constructive feedback opened the floodgates to a bunch of complaining, I’m going to make a separate “you rock” post.

Merry Christmas / happy holidays.

(t Oksaras) #66

i really don’t understand what ccp is trying to do with the new attribute booster system and the blueprints, the only ones who really benefit from it are AFK orca hisec pilots that get billions in he process while other players who do get into the combat sites and enjoy the fights have to go through a hell of a process to make some isk out of it.
really that will get new players into the game orca afk mining , seriously ???

(Anderson Geten) #67

wtf dude ?
In which world you live, that REQUIRE to go through “a hell of a process” to craft the bpcs ? Right click, use blueprint ; buy missing material.

If you don’t want to use the market, then the issue is you, not the event.

just saying, using direct order the BS are average still 15M loot each. so you can STILL make money kiling the BS (though since people started thinking instead of whinning on the forum and realized they could do money, the wage have dropped much from the original 1B/h)

(t Oksaras) #68

ok so let me see, i have to jump from between different constellations in order to find any BS’s then i have to kill them , burn to them and loot them before any smart ass get’s there, then i have to take them to a trade hub, have to place buy order to get the materials otherwise i’m f…ed, then i have to place sell order otherwise i’m double f…ed. Jeez no process at all. now let’s see the miner’s process, fly the orce to the spot start mining bot the command burst make coffee watch netflix, chat with friends, ohhh the cargo’s full, than change it in 2 sec flat and move it to the trade hub choose either buy or sell order cause i don’t give a f…ck i was watching a film at the same time.
Anderson before you start making comments about other players ( piece of advise. don’t you look like a d…ck try and understand how the player-game interaction works)

state of fact this mineral process has given the most lazy part of the eve population a huge boost

(Anderson Geten) #69

Yeah that’s the principle of competition. If you are slow and/or if you are idiot, you won’t make it. If you don’t like it, go … talk in jita local. No competition there.
I swear I became suspect like 10 times at least in this event. And I became very worried when a dominix landed in scram range on me, and a gila started aligning. I lost several ships (less than a B) and I got some km too (more than a B). That’s what the event is supposed to bring, not the stupid skins or points system. I boosted people in my orca, met several new friends, gave away ships for people to run the site (because they lost expensive ships before - but they lost my ships anyhow), I had discussions with unknown people, I met noobs running the site in a venture.
sor for me THIS is the interesting point of the event. THIS made the event successful, not the isk I made.

nope, you don’t HAVE TO. It’s the opposite, if you place buy orders you are ■■■■■■ because you decide to compete with other market warriors or accept they won’t sell. That’s YOUR choice to ■■■■ yourself.

Neither. I bought all my items at direct sell orders, sold them at direct buy orders.

I call it bullsh¡t : align time in an orca is already 11s with a mwd. Then warp takes 45s for a 5AU jump. add it session changes (10s), align from exiting mission(need to warp to insta undock, then mwd warp = >20s) , warp again. total is 10 + 45 * 2 + 20 + 10 = 130s minimum for a 5 AU jump(and that’s a SMALL jump considering the site position is reset every day).

You saying 130s is equal to 2s flat is complete retard. You are a d¡ck and don’t understand how the game works. And then you complain the game does not follow your understanding of it. You are just a sore loser.

state of fact using DIRECT orders the BS were worth around 70M each at the beginning of the event(3 first days), and the ore harvesting with 70% reprocess was worth 190M/h per orca or per skiff.
This made the BS hunting worth ±1B/h in high sec. Assuming you were not lazy.
Also assuming the loots were not tweaked, which I think they were because I did not drop a single advanced/extended in the first 100 bs.

Now BS have fallen to 18M isk each (yeah I wrote 15M because I ALWAYS assume the prices will crash but here they remained the same), which is not that interesting especially since everybody has been hunting them and stopped doing the crappy event points.

right now a ship with 19 m³/s yield, that is boosted, or an unboosted ship with 32 m³/s, whic h is the same, and with 70% reprocess, can make up to 82M/h just mining the event and selling to BUY ORDERS(direct orders).

But assuming that the “points” system or the ore system was giving the most money for the time, is just… bad math skills.

(t Oksaras) #70

well had to dock in order to properly reply , since apparently you’re missing the point A) total flying hours 40 Bpc revenue 60 basic 10 standard 2 advanced 1 extended B) profit margin (buy immediately and sell immediately) per Bpç (current market) , basic = (minus loss) -5.5 ml, standard 120ml, advanced 280ml , extended 562 ml. C) total excluding basic = 2.322 B.
now at the same time an orca pilot with medium skills 45k m3/h and fit, and medium veldspar reprocessing 70% will do at the same time 1.5 bl while watching films and chatting.
and that is the difference active 2.3 bl for active and 1.5bl for afk , and pls as mentioned in previous message keep personal comments to yourself

(Anderson Geten) #71

You are complaining about things that you affirm are forced upon you when they are choices you can make, that shows you are greedy and don’t know how to value your own time.
YOU saying you HAVE TO sell at long term prices means you are ■■■■■■■ yourself on will.

All those numbers you have mean nothing, because you just want to whine how other people make more money than you.

40h or orca means 40 * 70M=2b8 (27 m³/s). Reality is less because you need to drop ore, and kill rats. And change asteroid.

40h for boosted skiff means 40 * 82M=3b28(32m³/s boosted). That’s realistic if you have an orca/freighter to take the ore and you kill the rats when they come in targeting range(the drones won’t agro them as they attack ofut of targeting range). Also you need to empty your hold here and there when the sound plays. and warp to next asteroid when it becomes empty.

40h for 10 BS/h (that is low) means 400 BS. the TOTAL loot INCLUDING THE NEW ITEMS is ± 19M/BS right now to direct orders, 20.5M excluding basic bpc, so effectively in 40h you make 400 * 20.5 = 8b2

AT PRESENT PRICES. Was much higher at the beginning.

(t Oksaras) #72

i can’t understand why my opinion annoys you so much why you insult and for crying out loud why caps ? my opinion as stated in the original message is how do you expect to get new players to be more active when they’re so well rewarded by being afk. and pls don;t reply to me directly, thank you

(Anderson Geten) #73


they are not rewarded “well” being afk. being active netted like 5 times the isks.

The caps are to emphasize on the important part of my sentence that you MISUNDERSTOOD in the previous post.

Because you keep affirming false thing.
You don’t HAVE TO sell to long term order. You affirming this is a lie.
You are not AFK when you mine, and you do NOT make that money being AFK. plus, you are at risk of getting killed by the rats.
You make MORE THAN blueprint money from the BS.

Your whole “opinion” is based on lies. And I told you so.
And now instead of checking if your opinion was still correct without those lies, you keep affirming them.

Then you affirm this event is bad, while YOU are bad. And that is the annoying part. You blame the event for how bad you are.

(elitatwo) #74

Incorrect information != lie

(Dior Ambraelle) #75

Like an Ishkur for example?
Seriously though, that thing is a beast here. Cap stable fit with MWD and reps on: no amount of frigates are a threat so far, I can kill 2 battleships at the same time because they can’t hit me, and I’m usually fine up to 4 cruisers.

(Boldly Gone) #76

Did the event solo, ships:

  • Gas miner Venture
  • Sturdy thermal fitted Procurer
  • Gas Miner Praxis (for empty mining sites with many rats, that ship was idling in my hangar for months)
  • Thermal tanked Dominix
  • Data scanner fitted Thorax.
  • All fitted with Caldari drones, T2 light (Hornet II), T1 heavy (Wasp I) for BS and cruisers.

Not too high Omega requirements.
I always visited the same site in Metropolis close to Hek, and after a few days greeted the regulars there. This way I’ve learned Orca boosts also help gas miners. I looted and salvaged most of the sites I visited, but no great treasure there.
I lost one Venture to the invisible perimeter acid cloud while I tried to find out how vast this gas cloud may be.
There are always 6 tasks open, so if you refrain from killing BS with medium turrets, it’s no problem. Accidently (?) I managed to get the same task twice, so I was able to obtain 100 Points by mining 1400 gas or 30 Points for killing 7 rats with my procurer.
Hacking with a non scanner char was hard, I finished 10 but called it a day after that. A scanning frig won’t survive the environment for the rats respawn almost immediately after killing.
So yeah, I think miners do get most points. But the nice loot is in hacking and the Battleships. Anyway; i got my cool Hurricane SKIN :slight_smile:

In the end I think it was a cool event. The start was hard, but there I learned to tank against a particular enemy. The fellow guys around were mostly helpful, there was enough for all of us, so there was not really a competitive atmosphere.
Rating: Carebear proof! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dior Ambraelle) #77

Last time I checked, both Gamdis and Zorozih had an event site, they are literally right next to each other.

I do agree with the mining problem, the required materials are too much compared to what remains after reprocessing. Especially considering that the Venture is the most efficient gas miner generally available for everyone.
Yes, you could mine in a cruiser teamed up with an Orca or Miasmos, but it’s still only slightly more efficient. This part of the event actively punishing solo players and people without alts.

PS: I totally don’t hate the gas mining part because the quest randomizer is broken, and 3 of my quests want me to harvest various amounts of gas, 2 wants me to reprocess at station or at the site while the last wants me to kill rats in a mining ship, and I only get these repeatedly 90% of the time!

(Boldly Gone) #78

A single procurer can handle all the west gate rats, I killed an attack flight of 4 frigs and 2 cruisers just with light drones and didn’t have to warp away.

(Dior Ambraelle) #79

The problem wasn’t the rats, the 2 drones of my Venture were more than enough to kill anything that spawns at the mining site while I was orbiting the station with an MWD (this module is surprisingly useful, they could barely hit me). The problem was that I only got gas mining missions to complete the event.
Can we get a gas harvester that is designed for barges/exhumers please?

(Anderson Geten) #80

As I wrote in the other thread,

  • gas yields 10 times less minerals/h than ore
  • gas yields 10 times less points/h than ore

So the matter is the volume one unit of gas takes. the gas is incorrectly set to have 10 m³ per unit, while it should have 0.
That would have solved the uselessness of the gas.

(Boldly Gone) #81

“Useless”? Gas may be less quick, but as I stated above I made a good portion of my points by Gas mining, venturing around in that huge cloud. Only problem was the very small cargo hold of the Venture for loot.
And I was still able to mine even when all roids were gone. The cloud never vanished.

But perhaps I’m just more patient and less economical :wink:
When you think about mining as a waste of time, be aware there are millions of people in the world playing digital versions of solitair right now.