CCP: Sadly, I predict Permafrost will be a big disappointment. Here's why:

(Anderson Geten) #82

perhaps you are just bad at math ?

Just because you spent 10h to have 100 points harvesting gas, does not mean other people did not spend 1h for the same amount of points.

If there was no points/mineral in the ore, then yes the gas would not be useless. But as there are points in ore and minerals, the gas harvesting process is completely a waste of time - until the shitty task manager tells you you won’t make any other point if you don’t harvest gas.

(Anderson Geten) #83

It’s incorrect when you don’t know it.
Once you have been told it is not correct, and you don’t refute the incorrect part, then you start lies.

When this guy affirms you could do only 58M/h (=2322/40) killing BS, and then I tell him I DID do 200M/h at present price, and up to 1B/h, then if this guy does not correct his affirmation, it becomes lies.

(elitatwo) #84

What I mean was, lying would imply intent.

In his experience it may even be true and in your experience it is not. Lying however would be if he told everyone that Mordus ships have a yellow hull color and we all know that is not true.

(Anderson Geten) #85

A good liar believes in his lies.

To lie is not a matter of “want to” lie. It’s a matter of “want to” find truth vs “want to” be right.
If those people come on the forum to “be right”, then they can’t accept they made mistakes and that they should correct them. Then they are propagating lies and don’t realize it.
Just the fact that many people can’t accept to not know something and rather believe something wrong (eg the bunch of oysters from code) makes them liars by essence.

Back to this topic, the matter is that people can’t claim general issues when they are responsible of the bad experience they had.
Look at the people who go in the site in a B-fit, “money tanking” their fit legion gila gila tengu golem(I guess I was d/c) cerberus etc. etc.
Look at the people who whine because the east gate does not provide 10M/can.
Look at all those people who complain that the event does not feed them isk - and who would complain if the event did, because then the plex price would raise.

(DrysonBennington) #86

Not really. The Permafrost event has made me around 700 mil plus meeting a new trader in Jita. Benefits are not merely how much you can grind in an hour.

(Boldly Gone) #87

Uh, my hundred points did not take more than about 90 minutes, 3 flights with a Venture, the last two with the help of a boosting orca. Dunno what kind of maths you refer to :wink:
And: The task told me to mine gas. True, I could have mined mountains of condensate in that time, but that wouldn’t have brought any points. And my aim was 900 points, not maximum wealth. Considering that I worked quite economically.

(Anderson Geten) #88

I say that the missions involving ore reward 100 points ten times faster, so in 9min, less than a procurer hold.