CCP Supports cyber terrorism to get us to buy plex...?

I recently spent some time in null and quickly observed the mechanic of AFK cloaking systems to prevent players for using that system safely. It seemed the cloaker’s were permanently cloak and most likely AFK (or botting) from soon after the servers came up until they went down the following day.

In my other MMO’s there is always some sort of anti-afk code that works to remove these players from the game, yet CCP hasn’t seemingly ever addressed this. It occurred to that when players were unable to earn ISK, they often bought PLEX to supplement game income.

Seems more or less a tactic of CCP supported cyber terrorism to drive PLEX sales.

This game used to be fun, but definitely now a prime example of company characteristic to avoid when picking a new MMO game. Darn shame CCP.

inb4 the merge

(thread is about to cloak)

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A doucheb@g paying for 100 afk cloaky accounts is still 100 paid accounts for CCP.

I’d argue it has driven more players away from the game than they have in cloaky campers… but, ya know… economics. Keep the garbage trolls happy I guess. Screw the decent paying customer.

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Man, I’m so glad you created a new thread for this issue that has gone unnoticed for so long… It’s actually much worse that you seem to think. This is not just cyber terrorism, they do sacrifice young children with horrendous tortures while they do that too…


This again… Also yes INB4L.

The problem isn’t cloaking. The problem is local. Personally I have never understood the concept of stealth, black ops etc when you show up in local. When you cloak you should lose the ability to interact with local chat and disappear.

Now why is it a local problem? Because wormhole dwellers do just fine living and making isk. And I have had many days being cloaked all day inside a WH watching and waiting for an opportune moment (AFK at times as well).

EVE is not other games. I have defensively AFK cloaked for hours to try and not die to those hunting me. It goes both ways. If CCP forced my logoff I would have died. It became a matter of being able to out wait the hunters.

Cloaking mechanics haven’t changed since the dawn of EVE. So I don’t see how it is less fun now.

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If someone is afk, then they are not a problem. You should worry more about that active cloaky t3 5 km away, cloaked and waiting.

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…and puppies, don’t forget the puppy sacrifices :dog: :axe:

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OP covers a lot of bases.

… cyberterrorism.
… “used to be fun”, despite afk cloakers being in this game since forever.
… OP makes it clear this is new to him and treats it as if this was new for everyone.
… belongs into the afk cloaky trashcan.


Those cloaked AFKers are abusing the fact that they show up in local, scaring the locals but also putting them semi at ease after doing nothing whole day, which may give the camper an easy kill once he gets back at the keyboard.

Being AFK all day is not against the rules. And neither do these AFK campers need a cloak - an (NPC) station would be sufficient. The thing these AFK campers are abusing is local.

Solution is simple, getting rid of local will remove this incentive to stay AFK logged in all day.

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Correction, “In other MMO’s that I play”. You don’t own them.

AFK campers aren’t an issue:

  • You still need to be as vigilant as if there is no one around.
  • You still need to have friends on comms in case he cyno’s a fleet
  • You still can use an alt to fly around making it dangerous for the afker as you can decloak them.

Imagine me jumping in your system, you being all AFK not seeing me jump all over the place making bookmarks. Me going totally afk… your issue is that you depend on “local chat” instead of having 2 cloaked alts (or friends) watching the gates. It is very easy to counter. I am going to reactivate my cloaky camper just for you now. Regrettably your corporation doesn’t hold any systems. You appear te get killed all over the place(, how can cloaky camping even be an issue for you? It does annoy your alt bots probably. Can you post a list of those, for a friend (at CCP).

PS: I won’t ask “Can I have your stuff?” because it’s all tainted.

There was one good part in his post, actually:

This would also hit afk miners.

Maybe CCP controls the afk campers…good business model!

Comes with the territory, if you had enough players and could do something about it than maybe you wouldn’t get camped like the easy targets you happen to be.

Try baiting them out to attack you and shoot at them or go to another system.

Can’t do that then why bother in null?

@ISD_Buldath another afk cloak thread…

It’s like you know why afk cloaking is necessary…

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Imagine being such a wiener that AFK people terrify you.


Haha oh wow… he’s serious.

People in safes are just as bad.
I should have a probe launcher fitted to my PvE farming tractor? Unfair pls change CCPeas

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Utter bollocks.


If he’s afk then he can’t hurt you, dip ■■■■. If you dislike PVP then try elite dangerous as it is pure PVE, you’d love it.