CCP, Thank You For The Hunt

Interesting ideas.

Clothing or not, tho… I do especially like the idea of “if the final gift’s gonna be at 700, how about more rewards spread out evenly along the way instead of 10-100 BIG GAP 400 BIG GAP 700”, yeah.

But regardless, just make sure the final two gifts are actually rare-ish and more meaningful than just another low-level module that drops all the time in the event itself and an accel that drops all the time in the event itself and that improves things a lot. The dripfeeds during the Angel event were a worthy 700 pointer as they barely dropped in the sites (definitely 1 or 2% chance or less) and thus were a real motivator to me and others who wanted them… but these extendeds… just too common.

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Yeah, they killed the “multiple sites can stack up in the quieter systems” feature of the original events several agency events ago…

At first they changed it to “spawn in pairs” system… as in, once you kill the 1st site up, a 2nd one spawns immediately… when that one goes down… there’s a delay.

But now it’s solo spawns. Once one dies, delay for the next. Once it dies, delay again… pretty steady, tho, about 10 mins after each one dies a new one is up, so every system gets some love.

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I just got the 700 points required to complete the event, definitely very fitting to complete ‘The Hunt’ on this Easter Sunday.

Still have a few event tasks left open in the Agency window with a little over 14 hrs for completion, part 4 of the egg hunt and part 5 of the rabbit hunt. Even though ‘The Hunt’ event still has a little over 1 and a half days left before it ends, I’m not sure if I wanna continue doing the sites, I’ve already gained a ton of loot in the process of achieving the 700 points needed to officially complete the event.

Anyway, got plenty of +12 Cerebral Accelerators to keep my character speed training skills up to the expiration date, a bunch of Boosters, all types and all level’s, full complete set’s of both male and female Guristas ‘Outlaw’ apparel along with the standard Guristas ‘Uniform’ jackets and hats (with duplicates of course), as well as a super large supply of ‘Naughty People’ Fireworks. Not to mention a lot of different ‘Hunter’s Quiver’ Ship Skins (gotta see if market has any Minmatar ones that I didn’t get), plus a good amount of Tech 1 Salvage materials from wrecks and Minerals from reprocessed Tech 1 modules and Metal Scraps.

Overall I have to say this event was definitely a good fun run and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next one. Once again, thank you CCP for bringing us ‘The Hunt’.


While going through my loot back at base, I noticed I still have some of the old Pirate Ship Logs that use to drop in their wrecks (I have logs from all 5 Pirate Factions).

Since this is a Guristas event, I decided to review the Guristas Ship Logs and found one that was particularly interesting.

Guristas Ship Log 108634544

This salvaged data from a destroyed Guristas vessel reveals the following:

“Wow, I’ve met Korako ‘The Rabbit’ Kosakami himself! He was sailing his TL2+ Condor into the 'roid facility in Kusomonmon, with a small group of deserter sergeants from the Navy. Man, wait 'til I tell the guys down at the fitting station.”


The loot of the event was good, but the sites were really boring: warp in, kill all rats, collect loot. I was bored after 3 sites … These undemanding events feel like a hamster wheel. CCPlease make more complex events, like the sleeper event last year.


That content is already available in-game, just look for FOB’s.

Nice. The accels working for 3 more weeks meaning farming sites JUST for accels up till the next downtime makes sense unless you’ve got something better to do.

Me, I’ve got JUST enough advanced accels to keep all 3 of my toons +12 until the 22nd, then swap to extended (last event the extended extended (hahaha) into the next event’s first week, but there’s no guarantee there’ll be new accels dropping starting on the 24th of April this time around, so might as well try to extend with +10 till the end of April).

Been selling all excess extended beyond the 3 I’m using right before they expire… selling all standards… and if I get more advanced accels today, on the last day, selling excess advanceds.

That sleepers-in-HS event was pretty damned fun. And somewhat enriching until they removed the ability to salvage nanoribbons out of the sleeper BS wrecks a few days in… kinda like removing the twin BS bosses a week in on this one. Always needing to tweak events midstream these days.

More varied bosses like cruiser/BC/BS random spawn at the end of the site and potential 2nd boss (but not 100% guaranteed) spawning a few secs after the first boss dies = good mechanics I hope they’ll bring back.

And that Machariel boss had some fierce alpha. That was a bit more exciting of a site than the Guristas one was as a result of the RS just having slow but steady DPS but no real alpha threat.


Im not going to do FOBs. The rewards are so bad, its an insult. I earn more ISK/h doing the event sites and i dont need a fleet for that. I dont even need to be at the computer because a Gila can do the event sites mostly alone. Doing FOBs is a waste of time.

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The fact you had to work to 400 points to get a module that by 400 points would not only have dropped many times, but the fact there was a BETTER one you may have gotten by then would definitely make working for what was shown as the inferior one to completely not be worth doing.
The 400 module should of been the best module not the inferior one, by doing this I can assure you many people did less events than they probably would have.

It did feel like this event was more work in the agency for less rewards, it really didn’t incentivize finishing the agency missions.

Event overall a success because there for a very long time were people doing them nonstop everywhere. It is odd to look at the map and see so many systems being farmed at once from Null to Hisec.


Sure there were a few problems with ‘The Hunt’, especially when it first started and CCP did a pretty good job of fixing most of those issues. As such the next event should be even better. The overall impression I got was that the majority of the playerbase actually participated and enjoyed this event which in my book makes ‘The Hunt’ a great success.


Good event, decent site distribution in HS. The egg hunt was a neat bonus objective perfectly fitting the theme. Think CCP is still twisting the dials to find what provides the most player engagement. Players are like rats in CCP’s maze :wink: Good to see useful boosters dropping randomly in any NPC wreck, making them all sort of worth investigating.

But even though I did sites nearly every day, I could not reach max points. As others have said, the point rewards dropped often enough in the course of running sites that players might have found the top score item as a drop. I found 2 of the extended accelerators per character attempting the sites, each reaching around 500 pts.

The high HP grind to give loot thieves and PvP a chance, seems to be a trade-off that left out some score-centered “completion-ists” with less game time or motivation to grind sites. I think the final boss could have had half the HP and still been effective as a game mechanic, and made a few weaker ships & “pvp fits” viable for both site running and disrupting.

I joined Gilas Online in the last event due to drone aggro (bye-bye Gecko) and NPC high DPS, but still noticed enough of it, when I tried Stratios (bye-bye Ogre II), that being able to virtually ignore drone health while running a Gila, makes it the best choice for drone users.

The double boss spawn, while a bug, was an interesting mechanic that could be re-visited as a random chance. A loot thief might steal the first, but warp off to the next encounter us clueless grinders set up for them, and enable the lucky player to get a consolation prize for patience. Waiting is quite a trade-off compared to roaming for the next site in hopes a dedicated loot thief roamed a different direction, but after getting ‘robbed’ some players might want to chill a while and give the area loot thief more time to hopefully roam far, far away.

@CCP_Dragon, haven’t seen you post in a while. Can you give us any neat statistics or thoughts about game balance, our feedback, and/or what dials might be twisted for next time? Thanks so much and keep up these events, its like a new style of ‘mission’ every month or so, while we wait for CCP to hopefully overhaul or extend the mission system. I just can’t run leveled missions anymore.


My BS wasn’t even pimped it was a cruise missile golem lol, anything with blasters or torps would out DPS me, but people kept trying to use tiny ships, i had a jackdaw try to contest my golem >.>

All in all it was an ok event, nothing super special just an influx of more accelerators really

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The mission system is in a nebulous future time with not even a rough road map for it yet but it’s on my list of systems in need of updates.

Unfortunately I’ve been a bit busy prepping for FanFest so I haven’t been trolling posting as much lately. We will have a round table at FanFest next week where we will be talking about how we are improving some of the tools for making content in the game.


nice you make a round table at fanfest … cant come :cry:

anyways … the event was good … i had fun … the skillboosters are nice to have and i really enjoy to experiment with the dropped modules



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Yeah, I lost a contest on the 1st boss (at the beacon) to a blaster vindi in my tengus… but was then able to kill the 2nd boss at range with my heavy missiles while his blasters were not as effective.

split contest tie better than losing outright, more fun for everyone.


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