CCP, Thank You For The S.P.A.C.E. Event

As the thread title states, @CCP_Dragon and all the other Dev’s, thank you for providing the S.P.A.C.E. Event.

I initially had my doubt’s about this event when it first started but after a while I found it to be both interesting and frustrating at the same time. Completing this event actually had me doing something else in-game that I don’t normally do, and that is mining for Ore. That game play content is something I particularly don’t like to engage in even though I’ve had mining skills trained up for quite a while.

So in order to gain the 300 points and complete the event without investing a lot of time into it, I decided to just do the first 3 parts of both the Mining and Bounty tasks on each day of the event. In my opinion the most challenging part of this event was actually being able to locate Asteroid Belts that weren’t mined out by NPC Mining Fleets. As such I now have the utmost respect for players who engage in mining.

Anyway, Crimson’s Girl and I decided to make this Eve Meme to show our appreciation. This event provided a challenge to do something entirely different in-game.



The best thing I liked about this event was the floating bounty/ore total. It was interesting seeing how much you accumulate over a session while playing.


The best part, you could get your reward wihout others trying to steal it, like in the other events.


I don’t mind the theft in the other events. I got two nice kills out of players trying to ninja my loot.

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