CCP to increase the jobs surcharge tax again

Drop your salt here.

The SCC surcharge component of the Industry Job Installation Fee has been increased from 1.5% to 4%.

I think if they really need an ISK sink then industry fees are a better idea than market fees, however this REALLY should be lower for research. Research prices are absolutely insane for some items now.

I was able to install the ME9->ME10 job for an Enhanced Neurolink Protection Cell blueprint before the last fee increase and the install fee was 6.5b (in an NPC station with the lowest possible index), with 1.5% SCC surcharge it went up to 18b. It’s probably north of 40b now. This is for an item where the BPC has about a 50M profit margin so breaking even on the install fee will now require building around 800 supercapitals.

Thanks for the 34b windfall, CCP, I’m glad I get to join the elite club of people with gold blueprints able to pull the ladder up behind everyone else, but this really is stupid.


enhanced neurolink is bonkers because CCP artificially set its value higher , see Huge discrepancies in industry tax application

Also same post applies to actual isk sink. If CCP wanted to increase the isk sink, updating the EIV would be a better way to do so.

Yes, they raised it again… For some reason…

Just reflect this in the prices of your products! Come on, guys, we have a live market. I often hear that many items in the game are produced at a loss. Just put the prices higher. And don’t dumping prices like a noobs.

I have tears in my eyes when, after an order, for example, 10 million, a dumbass player comes and puts an order for 5 millions instead of 9.99M … And then he goes and crying, “why am I producing at a loss? The CCP is to blame!”


Don’t believe all you hear.

Taking mine from ME4 to ME10 is 133b yeah forget that, now this bpo has always been insanely expensive to research but 133b is just like wtf that is 2 titan bpo’s or close to.

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6 months ago CCP introduce patch that claims to reduce build cost of capitals and supers. Then they introduce patch that is going to raise the price of everything. They want to make up their mind on what they want to do. And maybe stick to making video games and stop messing with the player run economy that they are so proud of being a core pillar of the game.

They are game developers, not economics professors. So i find it really hard to believe they have any idea what the in game impact of these kind of changes have. And acknowledging that its broken, but its too much effort to fix is getting really old.


No shortage of industrialists crawling over each other to get a sale. Good for the rest of us, extremely bad for the game as it races to the bottom.

True, its closer to every item being produced at a loss.

They had a economics guy, now they do not. Go figure.

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CCP Psych and CCP Rattati once said, before Scarcity, that they want to introduce more levers for manual control of the economy because they, and CCP as a whole, have the best idea and plan on how the economy is supposed to work and balanced. :slight_smile:

I haven’t perused the latest MER, what ISK faucet grew insanely the past few months to spur this ISK sink increase?

I guess the new FW ?

meanwhile, 2023-08

What line item is it? „Corporate Reward Payout (Pirate FOB)“ from 1.6T to 2.5T? Or am I blind?

The main change was in late 2022 with the change of the DBM floor from 50% to 100%, causing a major increase in bounty payouts. Combine that with CRAB beacons and bounties are by far the most heavily-increased faucet.

It’s not “past few months” recent, but it has been large. The supply of liquid ISK has increased by 40% since November 2022.

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If you run crab beacons perhaps, which i do not, all i see is my stuff i like to build becoming even more expensive for no god damn reason, titans for instance has already increased in cost 4 fold from the days before the industry change, hulls could be had for 30-40b now build cost is est around 175b, and it looks like the start build cost is up from 7.xb to 10.xb, yeah i am sure people will be even more keen on take stuff like that out for a fun time.

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This just makes the old richer and the everything harder for new players. Way to go with the elitist mission. As in life, so in eve

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Holy crab the bounties went +100% since oct 2022

Also the commodities have been steadily increasing.

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