CCP: what plans do you have for tags? Aren't prices going to skyrocket?

We kinda need to know if our profession is going to be even possible after the patch.

We don’t just need to know if the change is going through but also how you plan on implementing it because if you do not either change the system entirely or add A LOT of new ways to get the tags then the price is going to skyrocket to the point where gankers AND lowsec will be screwed.

So yea, assuming CCP is going through with this (really bad) change, does CCP have any plan at all for the huge increase in price of tags we’re about to see? It will almost suredly kill for-profit ganking entirely and I’m not sure folks are going to have too much fun with your FW patch if they can’t afford to tag up their characters.

@Bladewise can you link what you are referencing here? I have no doubt they are fouling up things as usual but need some context… thanks

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yeah or link or give a brief explanation

I assume it has something to due with using tags turn in agents to increase security status, at least for gankers…not sure how it affects FW though as those kills don’t lower sec status.

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Or maybe wait for an actual post about the change and how it will be implemented before using arb info from a test server.


It did go through.

I farm my own tags its not so bad, but then again who needs high sec when you have a neutral hauling alt :stuck_out_tongue:
Everyone is going to be running abyss out of Hek now, let the games begin.

Don’t worry a lot of gankers will just give up, as with these changes the annoyance level of ganking reached ceilings, which means the demand will be lower which means the price will drop and those who stay will be able to get the tags at normal price…

So basically going -10 is impractical. Which is fine. What’s not fine is that the tags do not seem to be getting any sort of adjustment meaning they’re going to skyrocket in price. For-profit ganking is already nearly impossible and will certainly be completely dead after this patch if no adjustment is made to tags.

eve keeps failing :frowning:
like some guy said on youtube
penalties to pirates are ok as long as exist some bonus to pirates



CCPs reasoning makes no sense. These changes achieve nothing they’re trying to accomplish. My biggest fear though, is that everyone is so focused on the BS about alpha gankers (that don’t exist) and “griefing” (it’s called PvP or “shooting spaceships in a game about shooting spaceships”) that they’re totally ignoring the issue of tag prices.

The “lowsec pirate” career in Eve Online has long been dead, it seems, compared to 10 years ago.

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Not even sure why we have so many lowsec systems, when they so clearly hate lowsec residents.

They just want to increase amounts of subs and PLEX sold by this. The reasoning is just a cover, they hope that those few gankers who are using alpha account(s) will sub to keep doing that and that many gankers will buy PLEX from eve store to be able to buy the tags with their new price. That is all.

Gankers don’t buy plex. You think they’re subbing 20 accts @ $20 a month? They’ll just start ACTUALLY griefing. Lol. Hawk stops shooting orcas, starts ganking for profit again, and then you nerf ganking? You know he’s just going to burn the game down. Not even out of spite, just cause there will be nothing else to do. Hell, I’ll be right there with him.

Exactly. Re-read my post, I am sure you get the point :wink:

Thats a correct statement and as much as I like the current changes, I absolutely miss the lack of benefits of being an Outlaw. EVE truly has a significant deficit here.


Skyrocketing prices mean opportunity for people to farm tags and make bank. I think the supply will be plentiful in a few weeks time.


the game really need more ratters

CCP is pissing me a lot lately
first the “safe” language
noob “griefiing”

i want to cry were is my safe space? :sob:

You realise these tags are farmed in lowsec asteroid belts - and can be done in PvP ready ships


yes i realise
I’ve being to that low sec system arzad once or twice

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