Indiscriminate slaughter after security tag creation

After security tag creation, only maller or tornado skilled ganking alt attacking without scanning on shuttle and blockade runner who attempting to instant warp or clock-docking

before ganker need careful targeting prey because restore security need outer ratting

i think needs to change security tag price high, or secutiry tag usable station go to outer

Even now, one of the fastest ping gangker doing easy gangking all day in Jita

Players set the prices for the security tags, not CCP.
If you want the prices to be higher you either need to buy them out your self, or you need to hunt the players who farm the tags.

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this mean drop rate etc

Players set the exact price, while CCP sets the general price by controlling things like number of drops, where those drops occur, how many are needed, on and on…

btw, the general price is more important than the exact price in most cases, for instance if tags were dropping every ship killed the cost of tags would tank and stay tanked. If a player buys up the tags and boosts the price it wont hold long because someone else will put more up for sale.

The part of that you are forgetting is, if the drop rates are nerfed the price will indeed go up. Once the price of them goes up more players will begin to farm them because they are more lucrative, the prices will drop again due to the increased number of players farming the tags and all that will have changed is a couple month hiccup in the cost of the tags.

The part you are forgetting is: WHAT I ACTUALLY SAID!

I said: that CCP has many tools to control the general price of something, drop rates is one of those tools but it isnt the only one, I also mentioned: WHERE they drop, and HOW MANY ARE NEEDED and added, ON AND ON… to the end of the statement to imply that these aren’t even close to CCPs entire bag of options with which CCP does, in fact, control the general cost of things in EVE.

The Officer modules is an example of CCP making something a rare drop and driving up the cost. They could make officer modules drop every 20 ship kills and i guarantee that the price would drop. Btw, anyone can try and farm officer mods but there hasn’t been some stampede of people trying to farm them as you naively stated they would. When I was in nullsec i made 500-750 million per hour and could have pushed this number into billions per hour if I had really wanted more income but 500+ million an hour was more than enough to give me all that i wanted out of EVE. Why would I bother chasing after officer mods when i could literally print ISK in pretty much any amount i wanted in nullsec in near absolute safety?

Your simplistic and naive view of the controls CCP has over the cost of items in EVE is just that, simplistic and naive.

Tagging is for the weak and completely unnecessary. Making them more expensive would change exactly nothing, because no one actually needs to do it anyway.

Gankers don’t use tags. They undock when it’s time for a gank.

Tagging is generally for the people who do actual pvp and want to fix their sec status for something in highsec without grinding a bunch of rats.

Man, I thought you’re not a low life, uneducated wannabe. Do you need to be educated about the meaning of “PvP”? Are you spending too much time on reddit, or with casual/mainstream nullsec morons? Or are you around delusional "true PvP"ers who fail at life in general?

Surrounding yourself with idiots leaves a potentially lasting mark.
Help yourself and say No.

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