What's up with piracy and Security Status now?

I haven’t played in over a year. Came back and started pirating (In systems with low security (0.1-0.4)).
SS is dropping very fast compared to what it used to be.
I don’t kill white capsules.
If you raise SS often with tags, it’s a bit expensive.
Is it really more expensive to pirate now than it used to be? Or maybe there are new ways to get around it?

Compared to when?

I don’t think the security status change equation has changed often, if at all.

I haven’t played in over a year.

Pirating is bad. But if you really want fun, do it with a mining barge.

Just don’t shoot the pod!


You mean like @LordOdysseus ?


Alternatively, you can go to nullsec or wormholes where it doesn’t matter. Another option if you want to stick to lowsec is FW, this will reduce the number of pods that will give you a secstatus hit, since war targets don’t give a penalty.

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Had they never shot a pod before?

Might be a good trend to follow!

Never :face_with_thermometer:

I feel that you’re starting to be a little clingy fang!


Lol @Zaera_Keena is shooting rats!

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There’s a formula that involves the use of chicken entrails, tea leaves, and the security status of both yourself and the other player. The higher the status of the other player, the more security status you lose, and other factors. I was on 11 kills two days ago and lost 1.3 security status…on the other hand I was on 18 kills last night and lost just 0.2 security status.

Clone soldier tags are more expensive than they used to be…around 40m ISK now when they used to be 25-30m a year or so ago. The only other solution is ratting, especially in lowsec, which will restore your status. Ratting in highsec does so too but takes ages.

Yes, I have heard of this voodoo ritual to improve sec status, involves the sacrifice of a nooby miner and the blood of a Frostpacker.


Incursions rat BS with Fast Talk L5 skill gives you the fastest sec status gains that I knew of. Not sure if its changed since. Possibly some of the capital spawns might now not to sure as I havent tried to regain sec in a long time that way.

Hmm never knew it was now about your sec status vs your targets thats a change for me from the days of flat sec status hits. Thanx for the chance to look it up and learn something new.