CCP - Why instalock everything?

First Steeves back then, now drifter gate/station camps in Treeglands. Which kill faster than concord does.
Just… why?

Flying solo in Pochven without cloak+mwd is a russian roulette. Even 2s align stuff sometimes gets shot in the back. Oh, and cloak+mwd works only if there are no rogue drones on the gates lol. Last time my ship died there it was a drone swarm with supercarrier on the gate and a couple of drifter battleships nearby.

If this won’t be fixed, region will be stillborn, in my humble opinion.

Only Orcas which are now mining in deadspace 90km off warp point will remain. They do not even have to camp their systems, drifters do that for them. What is supposed to punish them even? 2s align ceptor gangs?

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Good. Edencom got trashes, now it’s your turn. Get wrecked by Drifters!

The idea is to make it a harsh environment, your journey has just started. Only the most elite players can live and thrive in there. And I don’t mean day trippers like the guys who cheated their standings.

That you can only re-supply with BR’s or do Russian roulette with DST’s with the MWD/Cloak trick makes it very tough.

PS I don’t think I could thrive in there, so this is no attack on your abilities, just making it clear what this space really is.


It’s wormholespace, basically, with very angry NPCs …
… and not all systems are equal. Far from it, actually.

Some are really slow and silent …
… some are quite dangerous.

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Expanding upon your and Sol’s posts.

Despite my 1st character growing up in wh space, I wouldn’t venture into trig space for anything; they nasty.

They’re actually harmless.
Didn’t do anything to me.

Those … uhm … hypnotized ones though …
… they don’t like me for some reason.

Never seen them before.

Be careful, Sol. CCP wants more destruction of player assets. If they don’t get it, they may resort to “surprises”.


Hey … uh … I had to reinstall windows after EVE bluescreened my machine …
… and I’ll just spare you the rest, I don’t think it’s actually EVE related …
… so … uh …
… how do I set my game client back to english?

I can’t seem to find an option in the launcher.

Also: 35k accounts logged in. Damn nice!

Edit: Nevermind, found it! Thanks though!

Yeah . . . CCP is doing something right.

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Sounds nasty and fun, wonder if a newb like me can venture in to explore :thinking:

And the execution of that idea is inexcusably bad for supposedly professional game developers.

A good execution of the “harsh environment” idea would be something like the current nullsec/WH space, but with the structure of the region and availability of content pushing players into contact instead of letting each group farm their own system. There would certainly be insta-lock gatecamps, but they would be done by players and subject to all of the usual player interaction.

An idiotic execution of the idea is to be the EVE equivalent of the D&D DM who thinks that “EVERYONE MAKE A DC 50 SAVE OR DIE” is fun or interesting. Having overpowered NPCs that auto-kill you if you don’t have a flawless internet connection and the correct hauler isn’t interesting content, it’s just a gear check. And once you are able to pass the gear check you always win unless the RNG of lag decides that today you get a lossmail, and in that case there’s nothing you can do to avoid it.


I think CCP struggles to understand their playerbase. The players are willing to overcome virtually any obstacle to minmax everything for even a tiny improvement in isk/hr.

CCP was baffled by how hard the Edencom guys fought. “Why are they fighting? There is no money in it?” Now, they have introduced a region that finally has enough barriers to entry that the players are stopping and re-examining their lives.

How long do I have to grind to be able to use this space?
There are how many rats on-grid?
I can dock, but I can’t even refit my ship without five-star Trig standing? Wtf!

CCP probably thought there would be a bunch of elite fanbois ready to do anything for the promise of new content, but they forgot that NPC content is fundamentally boring.

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After all this time, I would think that every time they finalize changes that they’d have a mandatory meeting to sit down and simply focus on “what are the extreme ends of these changes, and how, if possible, can the players exploit these changes?”

They didn’t even want to talk to the CSM about any of this stuff.

There is also the possibility that this content was never meant to be broadly popular, and that CCP are perfectly fine with it appealing to only a small number of players.

That in itself would be a commendable mindset. Makes me think of broadcast radio in the old days before the internet: There was only a limited number of stations available, and they would basically all play the same mainstream mix of garbage because they were all competing for the lowest common denominator. With the internet a new kind of station arrived: Narrowly targeted at a small niche, so it was completely uninteresting to 95% of listeners, but the remaining few percent, who never before had a really good station available, would love it.

Remains to be seen if t-space will be that kind of niche for anybody… but the game would definitely be much better if it had many of such specialized, diverse niches for different types of players.

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Only if you have standings with the Triglavians, who guard the entry holes into the systems.

You can’t warp to the hole directly and have to slowboat towards it …
… where they act as bouncers and decide if you get in or not.

BUT getting a miniscule amount of standings for the Triglavians is easy!

You just need to destroy one single EDENCOM frigate and that’s it.

The Keres I’ve shot took only a couple thousand damage to explode …
… and died relatively quickly to my thrasher.

I’ve also shot a Muninn together with two Claws.
Not actually strong enemies and they didn’t even scram/point me.

You can find them outside of EDENCOM sites, guarding the gate.
Unless someone else shot them already, of course.

I can tell you … this isn’t for everyone.
It’s … menacingly calm and relaxing.
And it’s actual work, too!

Local’s fun, though.
Nice people out there, where I am!

If anything, NPC gatecamps make it easier to live in system, as it makes attacking you whole lot harder.
Treeglands are probably the safest place for a collective to live at the moment actually.

The strongest thing people can poke residents with would be drekavacs - while residents can use battleships and caps (dunno if you can build new ones there but I saw lots of K162 “Very Large” whs there). If drifters are in warp somewhere to the gate when something bigger than a battlecruiser comes through - it is most likely dead. No scouting can help.

If setup of attacking gang is balanced - raiding party becomes crabbing party, which tries to either shoot tackle or deagrro on the gate. With system residents ROFLing on the perch.

Stuka formats or its likes would be out of question for a looong time, because it needs numbers, and numbers of +3.0 standing people are limited. And you don’t even have to be +3.0 ムFULL POCHVEN MASTERム to just live in the system - +0.001 will do as long as the group have a citadel.

And, you don’t have to even bother scanning. There are two gates in the system, and up to 2 signatures which are wormholes. Almost all systems fit into one D-scan. One CCTV alt for each wormhole - feel free to mine your rear off with a mjd unit jumped higgs-aligned orca.

If someone wants to attack you, their options are severly limited. “Their”, as there is no other region where solo pvp is as much shafted as here. If you want solo there, you have to go with a t3d or something cloaky. Which limits you alot.

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They’d need to reduce the 80% ccp ticket reinburse rate for ships then. 4/5th of damage in eve online is reinbursed. People won’t pay to lose stuff. CCP makes $ from injectors and ships skins and plex to buy biggerships. Ships dying permanently is a hard counter to this.

Really? Where are those stats posted?

They are printed on the back-side of the flat Earth.

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