CCP in 2016: We’re removing the in-game browser because we don’t want to use third party software
CCP in 2018: We’re switching the chat system to the Jabber protocol because it’s a cool third party software

…and now chat isn’t working. Here’s an idea and feature, can we have the old (functional) system back now?

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It is not broken!
I see no errors!
Works as indented! Blackout is back!

the locale does not work. I have two players in the system but they aren’t in the local chat

Yes. let’s just have the server die instead. Consider the following.

in ww1 when helmets were introduced head injuries went up.
Why this happened however…
Previously lethal injuries became survivable.

So just because we see the chat crash more does not mean the system over all is not doing better for the new chat.

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:red_circle: That’s rubbish. The game server never died because of the chat. TQ as a whole appears less stable even than before and requires more restart, among other things, because of the outsourced chats.

Citations required.

And have no chat available on all 64-bit clients? No thanks.

After 17 yrs, they still cant keep chat working???

What’s the word I’m looking for here… Fail?

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