CCPlease Improve Quality of Life Article (Let's laugh a second before moving off this article)

Pardon if my Post is in the wrong section. I ask for it to be moved appropriately, and a scolding forwarded to me for not reading 6 lines into a forum thread.

This article CCPLEASE IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE! has got to be the largest farse I have seen in my my short career in EVE, but one of the largest spin jobs in my years of 15 years of gaming.

Quality of Life Improvements should reflect on how much is improved by our ‘lives’ in the game. What is CCP doing that improves what we do while we are playing.

I cannot support the idea that chat improvements (which have been ongoing for sometime now) improve my characters quality of Life. I have several that DO NOT require chat to live in EVE. While there are a few , yes majority, of players that can counter this statement. I ask, If you simply turned off the in game chat, how much would that affect your game play? Can you NOT get the same information elsewhere?

Next on their plotter board is the 64-bit client. Can’t stress how much this is anticipated. Oh, it’s delayed by 4 months from current day. ( Not sure if this was a news blast in an earlier notice or this was their suttle way of saying, ‘so what happened was…’)

Any OTHER Quality of Life Improvement are issues to War Declarations. First mention of a further improvement since the knee-jerk back in December. This might actually be a quality of Life issue here guys!

The last mentioned Quality of Life Improvement listed is balance changes.
balance changes.
something that CCP has been doing since day 1.
Quality of Life. Improvement.

This feels like a mail room clerk got let loose on the press release website and hacked a page to see how much of a raise he could get. We are/were getting most of these issues ‘improved’ from the get-go(monthly). Now all of a sudden they are 'Quality of Life Improvements. ?

I am NOT trying to brash CCP, just want them to understand that some people read these a LOT differently than they read them. It might do some good to have new players, mid to long term players and a few career players read these things and get back with CCP with comments before spinning out the plates.

I absolutely love this game. I play a different point than most players, but I play with a plan. It’s unlike any other MMO on the planet and love the interaction with such a varied sort of player. I mean, have you ever met an Elmo?

Don’t spin the players CCP, keep making a great product, but be a little more straight forward.

Artus Allier

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