CCPlease, make Battleships more affordable

With the changes you been making over the past year or two, you’ve made it clear that you want players to be flying, and blowing up, in Battleship class ships more than in the recent past (aside from marauders anyways). There is something that still needs to be addressed in order to make folks be more willing to fly Battleship class ships though; cost.

For example, right now, we’re looking at a price of just under 370 million isk to buy a single Typhoon. This is not the Fleet version. There are folks who would love to be able to try out this ship(or other Battleships), and use it in Pvp on a regular basis, but they aren’t doing so because they can fit several Cruisers/Battlecruisers for the cost of 1 of these. This price needs to come down. This is an issue with all the T1/Faction/Pirate Battleship hulls.

There’s an easy way to fix this problem. Take a look at the build costs for a regular T1 Cyclone. All the mineral prices are roughly the same, are they not? This is how things are for all ship classes from Battlecruiser to Shuttle. Not with Battleships though. Going back to the Typhoon, the 2nd highest build cost is just under 39 million isk. This is the purchase of the needed Pyerite amount. Most of the costs for the Typhoon are between 9-40 million isk, and this is reasonable. However, take a look at the cost for Isogen. It is 183 million alone.

Isogen is literally 50% of the price of a Battleship! This is absolutely ridiculous! This is the reason folks aren’t really flying Battleships these days. The prices are too high. The amount of Isogen in Battleship production needs to be reduced, and heavily at that. At current prices, Battleships should only require 100k Isogen, not 400k. This would set an Isogen cost of just under 46 million. Isogen would still be the highest cost in Battleship production. However, more importantly, this would reduce the overall cost of flying a Battleship by 137 million.

There is no going back to the prices of the early days of Eve Online. However, 232 million is a lot more reasonable than 370 million. This is not much more than the average Heavy Assault Cruiser. This would make Battleships much more competitive as an option when deciding what to fly.

Tell the ppl making the ships not ccp


Doing that could make some difference. However, that depends on the Battleship which is getting built. There’s a higher margin on Faction/Pirate Battleships than T1 Battleships. Someone building a T1 Battleship is looking at 20-30 M profit at best. The Faction/Pirate ones have a higher margin in general. This change would see costs come down in general though. As folks would be paying less for the build materials, they’d naturally be willing to accept less is to sell them.

ill tell you why know one isn’t flying BS its because other then a ship the same size it cant hit crap well at all a frig can just roll up on you warp jam you and he has all day holding you down while frigates & cruisers
come warping in. BS solo is now a death trap.

CCP has attempted to bring down BS prices and have failed. Sorry OP.

Battleships will always be for the upper middle class of EVE to pvp with.

That is one issue that anyone using Battleships will experience, true enough.

I don’t remember them ever changing the amount of minerals in the Battleship build costs before. This is something they could easily do. They’ve proven it with the changes made to Auto-Integrity Preservation Seals and Life Support Backup Units.

They did stuff with larger ships requiring special PI items now and reactions. They also buffed how tanky they are in hopes to lower the price and give them an edge.

They really have moved on with messing with BS prices and industry at large atm.

Yeah, they changed some things previously that relate to PI & reactions. They haven’t done anything to the minerals. I do agree that they’re focused on a different aspect of the game at the moment though. I just think that this is something they missed, and I feel like it ought to be addressed.

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Then start mining it in low sec and flood the market with it to drive down price.

no its not ! as i startet in 2012 the prices for BS was about the same as now and it was a BS killfest sometime …
and still on this time BS wasnt the only or the best choice of doctrines !

why should it ? explain it to us ? and not with → it should be because it is

and BTW … cheaper BS wouldnt make them better against smaller shipclasses oO

It’s ment to be a supply and demand market, but so many of you just want to blow up ppl mining the materials to build the dam ships, the supply is low, player activity affects market prices not just ccp


If you want the price to go down, you will need more people mining isogen, but I’m sure you all don’t want to mine in low sec to get it.


Say all that to my Vindi :eyes: especially the last bit.

Instead of lowering the materials required in an attempt to lower its final price they could try and make the current price tag “worth it”.

For example they can remove all forms warp scrambling. Or make BS immune to warp scrambling. Or introduce specific sizes of warp scramblers so that in order to tackle a battleship you needed a battleship sized tackler.

CCP dont make prices ! and a BS hull is of course worth its price …

W T F youre sniffing right know ? oO
why should a BS be immune to warp scram ? this would break the whole balance …
same as different warp scram sizes … how would you know which size of ship you will engage ?
and why would this an improvement ? a scram is a scram and doesnt care which ship youre tackle oO


A less strong modification would be, to add like 4 warp strength to BS and prevent scram effect when not enough points are present.
Add 2 strengh on CR/BC . Add 4 on BS.
Or set the base warp strength as 2×tech_level × size -1 (size=1 for S, 2 for M, 3 for L)

That’s called “balance”. IMO the main issue is that the role of BS is already partially filled by HACs, with less constraints and same price. CCP already added a bonus to plates and and extenders to give them more sticking power.

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and this would break the balance even more as only BS gets immune to scrams.
in your world you would need a faction scram or even scram/scram or scram / point so tackle a T1 cruiser! even more for T2 and an impossible way to tackle for T3 cruiser.

there is no need for such “upgrades”

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which s only available for BS … your stupid idea kills solo cause you couldnt tackle anything on t2 bases hulls

just 2 examples where your heavy scram not even work …
based on your formular