CCPlz make rewards for singularity testing apply to tranquility

I would really like to see CCP make the rewards for testing on Singularity something that is given to the account on Tranquility. It’s quite frustrating to get the skill points awarded only to have them wiped out when the next mirror happens.

Bad idea, no thank you.

We don’t need more SP to flood Tranquility.


The only thing that should transfer from Singularity to Tranquility is the knowledge and experience you gain by testing the new content. That should be adequate reward.


CCP needs to go back to giving nick-nacks instead of SP on Tranquility. Giving away SP at the rate they do makes SP acquisition ( One of the core mechanics since day one) a nothing burger. That and selling SP has destroyed that core mechanic with nothing to replace it.

A short term cash grab and sort it out later. But we old timers know later never comes with these guys.


No, ■■■■ off!

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That I am aware, the bonus SP for the last few mass tests is reapplied when a mirror is done. The points allow you to test new skills, if introduced, or quickly skill into whatever is being tested, and doesn’t waste time modifying every character when only certain players will show up for the tests anyway.

Not everyone who wants to can attend these tests. Eve is global, and at any given time of day some people will have to work, or be asleep, or attend to family matters. It wouldn’t be fair to give out bonus sp only to certain people who could show up during these tests, which are rightfully scheduled around CCP employee convenience.

About the only thing that would be widely accepted would be to have medals given to those who participated in a given test event.


You can have a pat on the back.

‘that’ll do donkey’

what happens on singularity stays on singularity!

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I don’t know, at this point why not? Like not 2M SP or anything, but when you just hand SP out daily for doing nothing but logging in and shooting a rat, or even less during the logon events, why not give out a small amount a few times a year when CCP really needs numbers to test something? Like who is going to get upset over handing out 100k SP to join a test, when handing out SP like candy seems to be the only strategy CCP has to get people to engage with the game?

Idea of Sisi is to help develop game not farm SP

Right, instead of getting rid of the idiotic dailies we should add more shyte to the game.

You and people like you will cry when you realize that multiboxers and SP farmers have gotten several hundred millions SP points that they’re able to extract and sell for as injectors on the market.

You will cry when you realize that those SP where created from plex not thing air and GM console.

You mean the free SP that CCP grants on SISI for participating in a test was “created from PLEX”? :thinking:

You already forgot what you said?

Ok, so you’re just dumb.

The OP is asking for players to get the SP rewards (from participating in testing) that CCP would normally give to your characters on SISI, over to your characters on Tranquility. I’m saying that the people who have dozens upon dozens of alts would abuse that process, resulting in millions of SP being fed into Tranquility via those alt accounts.

It’s like you have no idea what you’re talking about, but you just want to come in and let the world know that you can’t even read the thread nor the current discussion. :thinking: Bold choice.

The testing skill point bonus allows players to see how there character would be if the character had more skill points. Should a character get a skill to level 5?

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