CCPTV Livestream with CCP Burger and CCP Rattati

Yes, but for a setting to be immersive you still have to somehow maintain the flavor, what is physically compressing the ore? Quantum entanglement? A force field reaching inside the hold of barges? Can’t we use it offensively to crush their engines? :joy:

I firmly believe that flavor, setting and lore should always have precedence over small gameplay conveniences, and this one goes a bit too far for my taste on the flavor side. But that’s just my taste, I do not expect it to be shared by everyone


My screen set-up today did not allow me to see twitch chat. Sorry about that. ISD volunteers were watching and I think CCP Swift has extra sensory powers somehow.


Thanks for the interview @Carneros


This is just more BS from the team that brought you scarcity. If the Porpoise’s indy core works Orca’s indy core expect Porpoise not be used too. So no boosting.

If you sheople at CCP want to lock all indy boosting ships in place, then give them the panic module.

CCP is so very lost and does not understand how the players play the game. It is a crying shame what has happened to Eve in the 3 years.


considering both ships can now compress, id say they’ll get used…

Yes, if used is seating on a station. If the Porpoise gets locked in spot like the Orca it won’t get used to mine or boost fleets by most fleets.

Hey! Thanks for watching- hope you enjoyed hearing from CCP Bergur and CCP Rattati!

This format was more of a chat with those two rather than a Twitch Q&A format, so your question wasn’t ignored we just had a lot we wanted to get through and the format didn’t make time for questions. Maybe in the future we can do a Twitch Q&A!

you’re not very good at adapting are you?

so after reading the notes, They are allowing ships to compress when in range of the Porp, Orca or Rorq. and the compression mods are not the same as the indy cores.

gonna be interesting to see this play out, with either of those three boosting mining ships and the mining ships compressing then dropping jet cans to scoop up.

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i may not be a member of the Imperium, but, i can appreciate your hosting abilities. well done. learned a lot.

Adapt to what? Making 90% less isk per hour while everything increases in price 100-1,000%. If CCP decides that mining and indy game play is no longer rewarding there is no reason for me to play Eve.

So everything costs 100-1,000% more while the rewards have stayed the same or decreased and the insurance payouts have not increase to reflect this new normal. Why would you undock anything? Hey it is not like Eve hasn’t lost 30%+ of it’s players since CCP Rat started this BS.


Maybe 6you should listen to stream again! CCP Rat stated that the Porpoise is getting the indy core. The Orca on SiSi could only compress while the indy core is active. Indy core lock the ship in place for 3-10 minutes.

Ok so yes you have to have the indy core active as well as the compression module… at least there’s no waste with compression unlike the mining.
i still think you are over reacting, especially since the ships in fleet don’t have to be mining ships. might start seeing battleships or others mining along side the 3 command ships.

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Looking forward for this update! Thank you CCP!


that was on sisi on first patch trial which was discarded by ccp… let’s wait and focus on new mechanics… having the core timer is ok… bastion and siege users learned to play with it… indy core users will too…

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The difference is bastion and siege module give defensive bonus. The ships that fit those module are not just seating ducks like mining ships. The Rorq gets the panic module but Orcas/Porpoise are killed way more often. This is a under reaction. It is just another step in a bad direction for miners/ indy players. At this rate and with CCP Rat at the helm, Eve will never recover. This is the same exact thing he did to DUST 514 economy.

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Get over it. If you are that concerned, have some defensive ships out there mining in the fleet

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What? And be proactive? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only time I turned on sound was guarding gates and wh’s! EVE has sound? :rofl:

It didn’t pay much but the fleet was safe.

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These are all good changes: more ehp for all ships that fit some form of tank, BS get a plate/LSE HP boost which makes sense as there are no “oversized” plates and extenders. This all means easier pve and less easy ganking.

Remote compression is a bit weird though, compression itself is fine but the remote part reeks of “wouldn’t want to upset the lazies”.

Large MJD will probably take Afterburner-like fitting, all in all good changes. I bet the usual chronic complainers will complain anyway.

Also liking the “we’re going to aim for bigger releases”.


Yea, I don’t understand how suddenly a barge has the necessary equipment on board to compress just because it’s in range of a fleet booster.

Does this have to be remote, CCP?


heavily pushed by CSM to help prevent carpal tunnel in miners. less clicks

that was one of the reasons why the increase in jet can most likely… save them from having to fly back to the command ship to compress when they can do it remotely.

not just a barge, but it said any ship in fleet… so a BS or a frig etc.