Celestials needs more than one warp-in

When you are warping to a planet/celestial, of any size, you always end up in the same spot. Same goes for moons and all celestials and even asteroid belts.
You can choose a span of 0-100km of where to land, and that´s it.

With a game so beautiful as this, it is really unfortunate the every spot you go to is only a mere backdrop, and always the same goddamned (sorry) backdrop every time you visit that spot.

We should, or so I think, be able to warp to loads of spots near a celestial. It would add tons of new vistas, strategic options and just make the universe so much bigger by just letting us have more than a couple or “warp spots” in an entire solar system. Let us warp to different sides, top, bottom of planets. Space is big, but Eve is a desktop background simulator at times.

The tactial overlay UI when choosing horizontal/vertical positioning is one idea of how to, say, choose where around a planet you want to warp. Just an idea on the practical side of things, but point being, make the solar systems a bit more 3D and enganging.

Thank you.

There are numerous practical issues with this:

  • Player density: fewer players would be on the same grid even if they’re at the same site, which is bad for player interaction
  • Server load: a ■■■■-ton of pockets are going to spawn for every single celestial for individual players, and that’s going to wreck havoc on the servers

For planets and moons this is at least in part due to POCO and fracking anchor points. I’m OK with there being multiple warp-in points to a planet but the default and easily-accessible one should remain the current one.

Also, planets are small enough to circumnavigate with sufficient (a lot of) time and a fast enough ship. You could set up a bookmark for yourself on the far side of a planet if you wished I would imagine.

The grids are pretty big now a days and if you could easily warp between the spots/around the planet, just like we do today with pre-bookmarked pings, it would be pretty much the same as any fight where every one has 10 ping spots already and fleets/gangs could warp and fight in and around a planet - not just a single spot.
I’m not saying your point is moot, but maybe a bit pessimistic and maybe not seeing the big picutre and the new possiblities.

Server load seems like a very hypothetical issue without knowing what technology CCP has to work with here.

That´s a very practical issue but I would imagine an easy way to both choose spot, and go to a default (POCO eg. ) spot would be available.

Well, not really. Some are, some moons maybe. But how many planets have you made these bookmarks for? I like burning in and around planets because it looks cool, but even in a 5k/s ship it’s not something you really do in a day to day encounter.

No you’d have to specifically make the time to do it and remember to approach the planet first to minimise the radius of the journey. Even a Jupiter sized planet you should be able to make an antipodean bookmark in a half hour to an hour I would expect. Hell you could even sell them like folks did with WTZs back in the day.

What strategic options are you referring to?

And how are you going to put all these options into the ui?

I agree with the OP. Warp-to-sun shouldn’t drop you in a specific spot, regardless of which angle you are coming from.

It is dangerous to warp to planets cloaked, because I seem to always land on top of a POCO. This is dumb.

Different positions within a relatively narrow sphere of the same point is prob a good idea (eg. 50km-100km radius). The impression I was getting from OP was that the distances would be significantly wider so as to have more variety within a given scene, or on different grids for different scene visuals altogether - that would be problematic. You shouldn’t have to warp to characters in-or-off grid, but a narrow sphere gives you more breathing rooms (esp. if cloaked) and makes others accessible via AB/MWD/MJD.

The one problem i see with idea of several warp-in points for celestials is that it will reduce the number of engagements that could have been had with current system. For example: you chase someone and see them warping off to a celestial, you tell that info to your inty bro and they might have a chance to catch them. Under proposed system if that inty were to warp from a different point in space - they might not even see the chased person even if you guessed destination correctly.

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