Point and warp idea

Why not to be able to use the Scanner and place a point anywhere in the 3D solar system map and warp to it.

Just a personal observation and interpretation: You have to acquire the coordinates somehow as a balancing factor and as a form of “having to work for it”. Maybe also has to do with server load to limit the amount of grids in a system though that is just a random guess.


Because this would remove a load of tactics and skill sets from the game.

This seems to just be a gameplay loss without really giving anything in return.


At the moment there’s only two ways one is moving from point A to point B and saving a point in between.
Another way is to explore anomaly or something with the probes go there and then save a point or in sum missions you can do the same. That reminds me when I used to save a point after passing the gates 15 km so I can have instant jump to gate.

The more i read your posts the more i wonder just how much experience you have with the systems you think need to change.

For one you aren’t limited to simply anomalies or sights but you also don’t have to actually go there to make the bookmarks.


The truth is it’s been a few years since I played with probes
I haven’t checked to see if I can place a probe and then warp to it . :thinking::grin:

So I can just warp onto someone’s fleet at the range I prefer, with no probes needed?

Come on that’s impossible the probes are more like a key so you can open a session to the anomaly a seamless transition to another room , probing and finding another player ship is moving to their session or a room ,
By being able to place a point and warp to it in space is like opening empty session a room that can be traced by another player , the solar system it is not one room no matter how fast you go you are never going to reach a planet or a gate I tried that already :rofl:

I’m a bit confused at what you’re trying to say.

You understand you can slowboat all the way down to the inside of a planet right? And that you can cross grids without warping?

I have not yet flown into a planet due to the fear of crash landing :rofl::skull_and_crossbones:
Although I have warped through several times
I guess I have to get the strategic destroyer and use the warp jump :kangaroo: to see how far it gets me after several jumps

again wondering how much of this game you have played. by warp jumping, im assuming you mean MJD something that strategic destroyers can’t fit and something that would be pretty slow unless you are chaining with several. You would be better off with a snaked interceptor.

This would break a lot of the current nul sec mechanics. Pings off the gate, well no worries you can just put a waypoint right on them in the 3d map and warp to them.

My mistake it’s a command destroyer and is using the small micro jump drive that charges fast , I have been playing EVE since 2004 off and on and start messing around with it the last few months , although I noticed the forum it’s not like it used to be practically it’s dead.

And how I’m going to find them with the directional scanning and then pinpoint their location and drop on them without probes to pinpoint the exact location ?

That’s because the game is.

CCP has been so focused on brining in new players that retaining existing ones isn’t even a secondary concern.

With every year numbers get lower and they double down harder. I don’t think they are ever going to realize no matter how much they can get from the house it doesn’t matter if they are just using their hands to catch the water.

Why would you even need to use dscan in the example? You would be on the same grid.

They could have a restriction not to drop into the same grid when I’m not using probes , but I don’t think the solar system is with grids for example open 3D boxes / rooms it would take a lot of space, most likely it work as you select point of destination and click on it to move there it initiates the session and it gives you a video of you traveling in space :rocket: , in my case it would work this way I opened the scanner I select the destination the same way you place probes and then I warp to the location the software opens a room or a session 3D box with relevant artifacts surrounding that specific area like planets the sun etc and on the scanner map leaves a mark that I am there it’s everything illusion it’s a game , even if someone is in this location on the scanner , that doesn’t mean that I am in any way near him to get to him, I’m going to need to use the probes to pinpoint he’s location within scan distance ,

Wait… do you not realize you’re actually still moving through space?

Have you not even played long enough to have a fleet warp through your grid?

Buy through my grid you implying passing by me in warp speed and bypassing my grid to their destination :confused: I never had this experience ,
When I warp to a specific location and somebody else warps at the same time sometimes I see their ship merging clothes to mine as they warping , haha now that I’ve been riding warping couple times I visualize the idea have you seen the pictures of warping of space whoever came with the idea he must have been a surfer , it looks like riding the wave of cosmos :grin:

  • Go to Jita or any busy system with a primary destination most people warp to like some local trade hub, starter school or staging area or whatever.
  • Warp to the station most people warp to (Jita 4-4, trade / school station or staging citadel).
  • Drop a bookmark mid-warp (after you left the gate grid but before arriving to your destination grid).
  • Then warp back to the bookmark and wait.
  • See how people pass by at warp speed while you chill out. :wink: