Introducing WARP 2.0 - A 3D warp drive feature fit for a beautiful universe!

How about we make Eve a little bit more 3D?

I love Eve. Been playing since 2003 and it is one the best games out there.
It is the best MMO.
It is a pretty good space game.

I am a huge space nerd. I´ve played them all and will watch them all. Space and the scale and mystery of it is… amazing, to say the least.

But I have always felt that moving around in Eve has been missing something when it comes to “feeling the scale” and the ways to appreciate each solar system with these massive celestials revolving around a fiery ball of fire.

Have you also felt that warping around felt like just choosing a vista from a drop down menu?
Maybe felt like planets and other things kind of feel more like backgrounds?
Ever considered that you might want to go to the other side of that planet?
How come in a several AU big solar system, warping to a planet will give you 100km of options unless you have made bookmarks?

Let us fix that. Let´s make visiting a planet (and other celestials) cool again! Let´s make strategic warping a thing, let´s make exploration of a solar system a bit more fun perhaps!

Introducing the 3D-warp.

Choose where to warp in; it will add hundreds of new tactics for both small and large battles,
a million new vistas for old and new players to just enjoy,
fun, interesting and easy ways to choose where to place your stations and other structures,
and most importantly;
an astronomical new sense of scale and a truly new look and feel of the beauty of Eve´s planets and solar systems in general!


I have attached a decent, self composed picture above of how this could look. Just like the fighter/ships controls you can within a celestial choose where your warp will lock on. Both from far away but also I am thinking that given enough distance, we should be able to warp from one side to the top of a planet. Or to the other side!

Basically given us the ability to move around more but not entirely be given “free warp without lock” (that also breaks the in-game science of warp drives).

Am I good? Is this not the coolest feature we could have?

different. Makes me think of XCOM a bit…

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