Census Reports from Oris

[OOC note, these are not IC access documents, just in case that is not obvious.]

To Planetary Holder Aslan Ul-Qosh
Census Report for Lok’ri Valley, Jad-Gheinok Region, Oris.
For the attention of the Honorable Holder of Oris Ul-Qosh,

It is my honor to report that the Lok’ri Valley has prospered in the last decade. As I am sure you know, the valley produces primarily artisanal goods and is home to a quite insular mountain culture that has a long tradition of military service to the Imperial Army. Throughout my tenure in the command staff of Praetoria Imperialis Excubitoris and more recently as Chapter Master of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order I have worked to bolster the ability of the Lok’ri Valley as a bastion of pious Amarr strength.

Attached to this email is a list of all military age people living in the Valley, with notes about their prior service, training, specialties, and fitness for military duty. A second list includes details on the substantially expanded fortifications throughout my holding. If the Emperor Family calls, the Valley will be ready.

Also, in my role as Chapter Master of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order I have some authority over the deployment of our standing ground forces. At this point, those forces consist of eight legions of roughly five thousand soldiers each, all of which have seen action in the last four years. Seven of those eight legions are currently in a state of full combat readiness, while the eighth has been rotated out for rest and replenishment. The Chapter also maintains a recon formation that has been active throughout the Triglavian conflict in the role of identifying and working with local authorities to guarantee protection of assets threatened by the invaders. These forces fall in the Order’s chain of command, rather than the Emperor Family, but I am sure that the order will be glad to make them available to the honorable Holder of Oris if the need arises.

Finally, the Excubitoris Chapter’s primary service branch is in the form of capsuleer piloted spacecraft. We currently maintain several Abaddon and Harbinger fleets in high security space as well as frigate and destroyer centered bases throughout the EWPA Warzone. Like our ground forces, these formations stand ready to defend Amarr.

May God be with you in these times,
Holder Gaven Lok’ri
Holder of Lok’ri Valley, Jad-Gheinok, Oris.
Chapter Master of the Excubitoris Chapter of the Sacred Throne Order

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To Planetary Holder Aslan Ul-Qosh
Census Report for Varaz Holding, Jad-Gheinok Region, Oris.
To my Lord and Master the Holder of Oris Aslan Ul-Qosh,

I have just received your request for a census and have returned to Oris to make sure that it is properly conducted. After the regrettable deathglow attack on my estate, I undertook capsuleer training as a precaution against further assaults on my person. As such, the Varaz Holding has been commanded by my regent, Tomas Varaz, while I have been absent. This regency has now ended, and I have taken direct control of the estate once more.

I am attaching the initial records of the population and production of the Varaz Estate. The estate specializes in husbandry, with especial focus on Syrikos Hounds and Orisian Horses [OOC note, I imagine these as similar to Ahalteke horses Akhal-Teke - Wikipedia], both of which are bred for effectiveness at high altitude. As things stand now, my subjects will serve best as high-altitude scouts and as specialist forces for difficult terrain. Please let me know if you wish me to begin any training regimen for my subjects and I will be pleased to comply. My subjects and resources stand at your disposal.

God bless,
Holder Shirin Varaz
Holder of Varaz, Jad-Gheinok, Oris.

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