Change probe moving "cube"

(Jin-Shan Wang) #1

I can think of no reason why the arrows coming from the cube in the middle of the probe formation in map view should point in an angle towards you/to the sides. It would be far more useful if they always, regardless of rotation of the map view, pointed exactly top/bottom/right/left. There was never and will never be a situation, where i want to move the formation towards me at an angle.

In fact, could you alternatively implement an option to completely remove the arrows?

Thanks a lot!

(Arcanith Lionheart) #2

Meh, I just double click to have it flip from up to side and drag the cube around, I don’t bother with the arrows. Both ways work just fine for me, so the Option to remove the arrows should be ok, I personally wouldn’t like to see that happen.

(Jin-Shan Wang) #3

the top view is actually misaligned at the moment (you can only reach true top view by reopening the map), so I try to avoid that as much as possible, but only flip the view around sideways, and then the arrows tend to get in the way

(Arcanith Lionheart) #4

True top? You mean when it watches everything from exactly above as in top-down view? It works fine…

As you can see with the square exactly on the center it doesn’t show any of its sides, if you shift the cube around it is natural you will start to see its sides, because if you stand tall between two buildings you can see their sides as they go up. Shifting the cube around on this top view only moves it on the X plane, double clicking an empty space shifts the view to the side of the cube

In here you can see another side because my view is not aligned cause I rotated a bit, but same case scenario, sideways you only touch the Y plane but as well as the X plane, but only left to right unlike the top down view. Like this the arrows that would naturally be there to pull it closer to you are gone so you can click on the cube.

With just two shifts of view I can perfectly move the cube towards my target signature, usually spending around 6 seconds to hit the scan button (cause I’m chill, faster people can definitely do this in less), taking in consideration I am inputting the scan radius through the slider too.

(Jin-Shan Wang) #5

no, its off by a few degrees. I only noticed after some time myself. Open the map, then without doing anything else, press the “Top View” button. You will see the view shift by a few degrees. This causes the formation not really be over/below your target, when it’s multiple AU away

(Arcanith Lionheart) #6

I might be missing something or did something, I don’t see any top view button, I remember it used to be there, I just cannot find it anymore lol

The one thing I notice is the further away your camera is the more off from the signature the cube will be, but that is perfectly natural because you have a harder time hitting the precise distance the further you are.

Its just like the whole top down view from buildings, the sizes of the cube and signature scale up so you can see better from far away, but because of that what might be a few inches will in fact be quite a bit. I aligned from both top-down and side to a signature from afar and I decided to shift another time to top-down to zoom in and see it for myself, yeah the cube got a bit off.

But then again the first thing to do is hit scan anyway because results are not always there on the centre and the smaller the scan radius the closer you will naturally want to zoom in.

(Jin-Shan Wang) #7

haha the two buttons are on the right button of the actual map, not in the probe launcher window.

Don’t worry, I know how perspectives work, and I can assure you, my problem is not the perspective of the cube (but the misalignement of the top view perspective, but that is another issue).

In this thread it’s only about me not seeing the use of arrows that point towards/away from me at an angle. I sometimes hit them by accident, and then everything is screwed up. if they were perpendicular to the camera location at all times, then I would have no problems with them at all. My proposition to get rid of them all together as an option was only because I think this can be coded much easier than my preferred solution.

(Krysenth) #8

In other words “I dont see why anyone would use these (because I dont) so get rid of them”?

(Jin-Shan Wang) #9

or change them so they become more useful. Be honest, do you ever use the arrows when the are not perpendicular to the camera?

(Gregorius Goldstein) #10

Would it be to much “dumbing down” EVE if the cube would just jump to whereever I double click?

(Jin-Shan Wang) #11

I thought about that often, it certainly would make some things a lot easier… but I can live without that, even though if I was a ccp developer, I would probably implement that

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