Change Vulnerability window on TCU/ihub?

I accidentally took some space, how do I change my vulnerability window? I’ve looked in the structure browser and alliance section, with my alliance executor, but can’t see how?

Thanks very much!!

Check the Assets In Space tab in the Assets tab in the sov holding corp’s Corporation window. You should be able to see the structures there and should be able to access the configuration via right click menu.

Theoretically you should be able to set individual vulnerability windows for each sov structure but it may well be that you can only use the standard vulnerability window of the corp. In that case you have to change that corp vulnerability window.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve found that section now but when I right-click, there is no option to configure either my citadel, tcu or ihub.

However I have some POCOs left over in a WH that show up, when I right-click them I can configure their Vuln window…very strange.

Pocos, Sov Structures and Upwell Structures are different systems.

  • Pocos can be managed remotely via the corporation window.
  • Upwell Structures can only be managed remotely via the Structure Browser.
  • If you cannot manage sov structures in the corporation window or structure manager, you could try going there in person and right click the structure when you are in system (on grid with it). I have seen some really weird timers on sov structures of the same alliance that are wildly far apart from each other, which makes me believe that you can change the timers individually per sov structure.

Thanks bud, I’ll try doing that :slight_smile:

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