Changes of the game makes it less viable to me


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The ore changes were made to reallocate ore locations back to similar to early days of eve. This makes players to use trade agreements or markets instead of sitting under blue shields or in one system and not interacting with others.

As part of these changes in the last update lowsec now has isogen and nox in higher quantities than other security regions. And there are other similar ore placements.

These changes are a good thing for game play, but yes some don’t like these changes as now they have to interact with others and leave system to aquire resources they can’t source from their own system/s.


You could buy what you’re missing and sell the excess of what you have. I believe that was the intention.

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Eve has markets where you can trade what you have for what you need. Self sufficiency, where everything you need can be harvested locally, was destroying the game - now you need to trade, interact with other players - why else play an MMO?


Are you suggesting that CCP come and take stock of your real life circumstances and cater their changes specifically for you?


i hear the OP whole story, but one piece of it is the reallocation of resources dictates that players MUST deal with markets just to make simple things. As a wh dweller this can be particularly inconvenient. It brings up the point that a miner builder must now also be a hauler/logistical guy or have friends that are. Even small groups of friends that used to mine and build for their own needs are affected as well, not just solo players.
I have said before. people play EVE differently. CCP seems to be forcing particular playstyles. as such. some players leave. sad but true

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I think the OP has to accept (by his own words) that he’s just plain useless at Eve, and would be better off in a kinder, sinpler game.

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It is a “rough” period currently , but I am confident that it will pay out in the long run, having everything locally available wasn’t that good imo . Maybe you should take a break and come back when you’ll have more time to play , let the dust settle a bit .
The goods that you need are still available on the market and as other person had said , with the ISK you get from what you have in excess , you can buy what you lack . You need rare minerals , you can also get those reprocessing loot .
From what you posted it seems to me like you want to do everything by yourself , Eve is just not designed for “single-player mode” . If you’re looking for that , you can play on Singularity.

given your failure rate and whiny attitude you might be.

  1. trade for minerals, or refine them from loot, if all you want are some t1 missiles that should be pretty easy.

  2. 20 mins at a time is indeed

  3. For abyss try some youtube or twitch, I’ve seen a bunch of very successfully abyssal pilots. I’ve been doing some myself. this was a t1 fit, but some spawns got changed and can kill you, so if you want to play it safe try the t0 filaments.

  4. exploration, sounds like you have had some bad luck, and/or aren’t paying attention. I’ve heard a lot of people say exploration is great.

  5. yoloing into lowsec with an expensive ship and running anoms, well that just screams unfamiliarity with game mechanics. You want cheap and disposable, lowsec is full of other players hunting for kills. Need to know what to look for to keep the ship alive. That’s a hard to learn lesson.

Well if I remember correctly there are still a few more stages of the resource reallocation to come.

Are you in a corp or flying with friends? If you are you can ask them to help out when you’re no online.

Many of are slowly trickling away from Eve, but by all means–keep suggesting players do something else. It’s good for the longevity of the title I’m sure.

That’s… fine?

Like, the problem here is that you’re not getting the whole picture.

CCP doesn’t want a particular style of gameplay in EVE and are actively working towards a vision of EVE that they approve of (based on whatever metrics they’re using on the back end). If it means that some people, like OP, are put off by it and move onto another game, so be it. CCP’s concern is not the snowflake feelings of OP, but the health of their game.

As people like OP leave because the game isn’t for them, there’ll be a steady trickle of players into the game that’ll stick around and are able to manage the changes. If those people are the ones who stick around after CCP’s changes, again, so be it.

Don’t make the assumption that people like OP are the only players that are left in the game and that CCP needs to desperately retain snowflakes like him. CCP’s work on the New Player Experience over the years has been great, and each big event causes a stir that brings in an influx of new players.

It would certainly be good for the brevity of the forums…

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