Chap III Trig Questions

So I read that if I kill one EDENCOM then I will be neutral with the Trigs and they will not attack me.

Does that mean EDENCOM will attack me?

What if I go into a system with it’s reduced security? None of the NPCs attack?

What about if I attack a player, will either side attack depending on the side the player is on?

Or after killing one EDENCOM can I just farm players at will?

May want to post your question here.


I’m not sure if I should have laughed when I saw that, but I did.


lol, this thread now has legs! :rofl:

You kill one elite frig of EDENCOM and you are neutral with both factions and can remove them from overview for safety. Players don’t count, happy farming … just make sure to be the first taking the gate to the harvester room when it appears.

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Kill everyone, you will not have dilemmas.

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