Character Account Transfers

It really shouldn’t cost $20 to transfer a character(s) between accounts that are mine. I understand the reasoning for doing this for a transfer between two different people but not between accounts that are paid from the same source (Paypal or creditcard accounts) and belong to the same person. This really needs to change!!! This is a subject that comes up often among my fellow players and is seen very negatively. Of course CCP is broke and needs the money (like me) so I don’t expect it to change.

Someone will point out that they arent actually yours soon.

Oh sorry thats me.

But someone will explain why, Im sure, too.

Here is the reason between your own accounts:

You sub two accounts, run a training plan, then move one character once it’s finished training, and only pay one sub for the two characters. Then you decide you want another month of training, so you move it back, sub again, and then repeat when you are done.

This competes against MTC and does have some back-end administrative “cost”.

I would agree it could be cheaper between your own accounts, but a fee existing is reasonable.

IIRC, the fee used to be $10, half what it is now. Not sure why they increased it.

I don’t think can have an account without any characters in it. I have accounts with 3 alts in them and only pay one subscription fee. You can only train 1 at a time unless you buy extra training slots. Not sure what you mean with the shuffle you’re describing.

I could see $5 -10 but more than the cost of a months subscription??

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Okay, so same example, but on the last day of the second accounts sub, you create an Alpha Alt, which holds the account in an un-subbed state until you need it again.

You might have full accounts, and this might not be your case, but it’s still a reason for the fee. And since Russians pay about half the subscription fee of everyone else, but full price for MTC, PLEX, and Transfers, this could greatly be abused for cheap training and then only paying one subscription going forward.

Didn’t know about the Russian connection…
Then only charge the Russians a high price for the transfers since they have the cheap sub price… seems fair LOL.


There is always a Russian connection. #Russian_Hackers_Did_It

Even without the half-price Russian subs, too much moving characters around could be a bad thing because it’s tied skill training and Omega status. I’m thinking something like having a main account with two Alts, then you set up a training account, sub it for one month, switch the Alts in one at a time for 2 weeks of training for each of them, then move them back to the main. I think there could be a way to abuse this for “3-day cyno Alts”.

I’m all for cheaper, but it should cost something.

Cheaper for sure. At least half as much. They could also put a limit on how often you can do it for a character … let’s say 90 days.


It used to be free way back in the day to transfer accounts. I mean like 2003-2004 sort of days. Then CCP instituted funded transfers and added PLEX options which they rescinded when Ascension hit and only allowed the $20 option.

TBH from a marketing standpoint I understand CCPs decisions, but from a player pov it kinda sucks just not having the PLEX option. As for many players it IS a cheaper option. Yet with the allowance of building alpha alts and then moving them onto different accounts en mass would mean a lot of nightmares in my mind on CCPs end.

I don’t know if it’s enforced (as it was obviously written regarding trial accounts), but at least the rules of Account Transfers states that both accounts must be in a subscribed state. So that could limit any Alpha account nightmares.

Not entirely what I was referring to. But building alpha alts for SP farms transferring them to brand new accounts and rinse repeat using only in game currency. This way CCP gets a cut of the proceeds and limits such things especially for RMT and other such nefarious reasons. Everything paid has to end in some credit card or person seeing as iirc paypal wasnt allowed either to pay for the transfers really only leaving C/Cs for the job.

So its a kill two birds with one stone sort of move and I can see the validity of it.

I could see that happening, but CCP could easily deal with that by offering 2nd/3rd character training option with the subscription itself rather than forcing everyone the MCT way.

The reason why they charge $20/€20 for a character transfer could be that they want to make bank on people who use the char bazar, which could be players who use the char to “play” or players who want to stripp the SP. While the latter is now forbidding as far as I know, invoking real money cost is more effective than any rule.

I would just like it at least to be cheep or free between accounts that are paid from the same source (Paypal or creditcard accounts) and belong to the same person. Put a time limit on it like min. 90 days. I have 4 accounts and would just like to move a couple of the alts around to make better use of them. But I’m not going to pay $40 to $60 to do it.

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