Pre-Steam account users and Steam subscription plans

There seems to be a lot of talks happening regarding the subject, and the answer seems to be “No, old players are out of luck, no Steam benefits for them”, but they say hope dies last, so I’ll ask anyway, I guess.

Is there a way to “link” my existing pre-Steam account with Steam in such way I will be able to apply goods bought there to it? Except from paying a month worth amount of PLEX to move your old character to said Steam account, what seems possible, but quite pricy. Still doesn’t help much if you want all three of your characters on that account to move at once, that will be freaking 60$

The main reason for this is lucrative subscription time’s cost in Steam - it’s 2 times cheaper for me (I believe it’s region-dependent). And, btw, shame on you, CCP, for making us, unlucky bastards from post-USSR failed states, to pay for subscription on par with dwellers of “first-world” countries -/

Only Russia gets a sub price reduction, the other 15 former-soviet republics don’t? Oh that sucks. ;/

I’m from one of those “other republics”, and 3 months of sub cost ~20$ for me in Steam. Not sure how much it’s for russians, still for me it’s twice cheaper than what CCP offers on their site (and what their official retailers, even russian ones, offer; as time codes are gone now, the only way to buy sub time for existing account from such retailer is to buy PLEX, and they all sell it for the same price of 20$ for 500PLEX, thus it as well is not an option if you want a cheaper sub)

I can’t say for sure if the process has changed, but I transferred my account contents including characters to steam by contacting support and opening a ticket, you could start there. Best of luck, and fly safe o7

I know it’s theoretically possible, but price of the service (20$ per each character, up to 60$) is quite prohibiting.

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to clarify, I think the character transfer service is designed to let you essentially give your character to someone else. In my case, the difference between paying USD and paying CAD for my subscription, everything was more expensive for me than it needed to be. I contacted support, explaining this, and they were happy to help. As far as I can tell, I was never charged for this. They transferred my character and assets, then closed the old account for me. You should try contacting support.

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