Selling Characters when Unsubscribed

Is it possible to make character transfers if you are alpha / unsubscribed?

I’m considering returning but have several characters that I don’t need any more - was hoping to use the isk from these sales to resub.

You can still access the account, so my guess is yes.

Thank you

In the past, the character being sold/transferred needed to have an active subscription with at least 10 hours remaining when the transfer is initiated. Not sure if that is still true since it isn’t mentioned in the rules.

There is also a transfer fee that must be paid by the seller. Most characters sold these days are simply melted down for skill injectors - it may be more cost effective for you to extract the skills yourself and sell the injectors.

Alpha’s are active accounts, just like Omega, the default account status is active - by default.

The transfer fee however the topicstarter should realise is no longer a case of either/or, it is now just real currency.

Aha thank you, so it is real currency only and plex are not viable for transfers now?

I see. Appreciated.


Basically ever since CCP went down the F2P road they’ve had to tackled some rather predictable issues with key foundation concepts of the game as it was designed. Such as, economies of scale. The practical result was that we started to literally buy any character, and I mean, any character, just to strip and/or milk it. Predictably, that reached such levels that it admittedly was getting stupid.

In the end CCP decided to slightly move the character transaction foundation away from the original emergent dynamic, by restricting it to real currency only enablement.

That has created quite the grey market, with an interesting shift towards similar things we’ve seen on the Chinese server over the years. First it was money buys ability, then it became money buys scale and thus weight, now it is in some ways a more healthy market, but it has also created quite the impetus for real money buying all such things. Unfortunately, a lot of that away from the Character Bazaar. Though some of it also there.

So yeah, real currency only. So EVE being EVE, that gives you a spreadsheet choice :slight_smile:

Figure out how much you would be willing to spend to kickstart yourself. After (!) that, figure out how to best achieve that, whether it is for just raw gain or least effort is entirely up to you obviously.

You might get more out of things by buying extractors, or special discount packages which often show up on Amazon or through CCP directly, and then stripping characters. Or maybe not stripping, but tuning down, specialising them more - let’s put it that way.

You might get more out of it by simply selling flat out. Also possible.

If I can give one bit of advise, don’t rush. Maybe first reactive a single account, or make a new Alpha, explore things. This is not the EVE as it was, it has changed. There’s different and new things, there’s different and new behaviour. But plan and patience still is paramount. You’re considering spending real money, so there is more than innate value in it for you, that makes a considered choice not a bad idea.

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