Character churn rate

What is the Character churn rate on Eve?

How many characters are created, used then biomassed?

What is the average churned character’s lifetime?



Easy enough to see how many characters are in [666] (4125500 according to evewho) Now all we need is how many characters have ever been created.

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How laggy is Eve Who on the data? It may miss some churned characters if it is too long a duration between data refreshes.

still annoys me that i had to change my name from cornholio over 15 years ago
and yet at the weekend theres a cornholio in local system how can that be right


The churn rate is three.

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because 15 years ago it was a sexual deviation - now it’s a game that thousands of people play so you can use the name LOL

I knew it

According to CCP, EVE Online has seen over 24 million pilots enter the universe of New Eden in the 18 years its been online, with just over 2 million pilots being added since 2020 began alone. Over the course of its lifetime, EVE Online players have also seen over 91 million ships destroyed, whether by misadventure, other players getting the better of each other or the massive player wars that have been the hallmark of EVE’s history.

go figure what the churn is. :joy:

With Alphas… why bother to biomass?

–Curious Gadget

more people played it back then than now and i chose it from beavis and butthead film

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