Character creator options so poor

ty @Nana_Skalski my dear :heart:

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But does it? So far the “walking around” features in this space games are kinda underwhelming when it comes to actual gameplay. And apart from useless it’s often even annoying to run around for 5min just to get to some terminal with a menu.

This kind of thing may be more for simulation type games like star citizen, but I don’t think evey game always has to do everything. It just becomes more bloated and confusing.

Also they tried it and they could not make it work. CCP is just really bad at making games really. Think about it, everything interesting about EVE comes from stuff players do, the content CCP delivers is just borderline garbage. The less stuff they add, the better.

I actually think that could work. Give us a Zero-G bar! :rofl:

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now after I thought about it, its quite ridiculous. :wink:

I like this ingame version of the Mile High Club :rofl: :+1:

It would be nice for every race to have access to ALL CLOTHING OPTIONS. Why do Gallente get the most limited clothing options. And the crappiest. I don’t even think Gallente can even properly color coordinate. It makes no sense.

Judging by the profile picture I sincerely doubt OP would make good use of anything better than we already have.

I bet they would of got a lot less flax, and way more money if they revamped the avatar thing adding 10000 plus options with cash shop vanity items, and a dye system. Instead of shutting gates off for no reason haha. I know I would of bought it.

I’m pretty new, but it looks like most people disliked everything about what they did. So they are no good at making events lol, they should just stick to making cosmetics for thr time.

I did read a bunch of posts about people complaining that the captions quarters took up time or some thing. Well bet you wish now they revived the caption quarters instead of the trig invasion hahah. I wish they did, I would of enjoyed being able to customize my charcter the way I wanted then going to the quarters to see. Way more than a trig invasion that literally meant nothing to me minus falling asleep at the gate when they turned it off.

They could of made it so we could all interact in our human fourms to, at trade stations, that would of got the spam out of jita space and into that, which could be ignored.

agree, the thing is that we made a avatar but people including ourselves rarely see it. all we see is a small picture of our faces.

I agree.

The current character creator has lots of possibilities with posing, face expressions, clothing combinations, lighting etc. And the OP picks a bland bald face without pupils, then complains about ‘not enough options’.

It used to have more options. I just made a new alt and I was really sad that I couldn’t make my Minmater character as hot as another one I have. Really depressing. :joy:

Edit: And now I’m not likely to ever change his clothes for fear he will not look the same after!

Edit: Not this guy. :joy:

Are you sure about that? I could not pose him at all. It made a picture and gave me no options for changing it like it used to.

Go back and make a new portrait. Apparently the initial character creation skips the posing step to get you into the game faster.

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