Character linked to email address wiped and old trial character it's taken place?

I tried eve out a few years ago on the trial but left shortly afterwards. I thought I’d try it out again with a new character.

I think the first time it was direct via Eve Launcher, but this time it is via Steam. Anyway, I looged in with my old my details, had to reset my password and in the email it stated my username which I’d also forgotten. I put both my username and password into the login box, it had STEAMID000000 (something like that) in the launcher login box area. I logged in and saw I had no characters. This didn’t suprise me as it was a trial account and thought it may of been deleted. So for the past few days I’ve been playing a brand new account from scratch…Account below

So today, I launch eve via shortcut from my desktop as I have for the last three days, it asks me to login as usual, asks me for password, I’d forgotten it again so I go through the whole process of account recovery using the same email address I used to login days previous. Reset password, all done. I launch eve. My character is now the one I had during the trial?

I look at eve launcher and STEAMID00000000 is now removed in place of my username.

I’m mega confused. Both my first character and new character are linked to the same email address it seems, but it has reverted to previous character and I cannot see my new character when I log in.


It would appear that you now have 2 accounts - login to account management to confirm.

You can add both accounts to the launcher and pin them so you don’t need to login every time.

If you are using the free to play option you will only be able to login one character at a time.

I know Stream works a bit differently and can’t help with those differences since I’ve never used it.

Edit: you can move both characters to the same account for a fee.

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